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A public service announcement

October 5, 2013

During the summer while I was weeding through the non-fiction section, I came across one of the possible reasons why every spring, the staff on campus sees a growing number of 14 – 17 year old girls sporting ‘tummies’ of various sizes.  Apparently no one was listening in Health.  Seems to me the answer is pretty much the same.



Goofbang Value Daze

May 1, 2013


Hey, doesn’t she look like a Breck Girl?
“Goofbang Value Daze…”
What a great name for a book that I thought was at first another version
of “Footloose” until they put the post apocalyptic spin on it
Everyone in town lives in a bubble.
Frankly, it looks like Gabe has some dirty dancing in mind.
I must have my artsy friend turn this into a bookmark for me.

Friends Till the End

May 1, 2013


This book looks like the boy’s version of the Lurlene McDaniel books where in
every book one of the characters dies.
One boy plays soccer, one boy has leukemia and there’s the token girl who
hangs around in hopes of snagging a date.
So sad.

October Moon

April 26, 2013


The only thing that could make this book cover better
would be if Wolfey had some “bling”
hanging around his neck on the furry chest.
Some gold chains, some medallions, something Mr. T would have worn.
Nice pants.

Right Behind the Rain…..

April 26, 2013


There were two copies of this novel with the snazzy cover.
Neither one had ever been checked out.
My guess is that he is a country western singer and she is his manager.
He’s depressed because nobody showed up for his first performance at a hole in the wall CW bar.
Somebody brought him sympathy flowers.
Or maybe he got thrown off the mechanical bull.

…went up a hill…

April 25, 2013


I feel truly bad to be making fun of this cover after recently reading about the author and his battle with cancer.
It was the 80’s – this was in fashion….purple corderoy overalls….wow.

Clouded Paradise

April 22, 2013


If we were back in the early 1980’s this would be one HOT book cover.  Woo!
Don’t you love the shorts?  If they’d had a series of Magnum PI romance/mystery books this would have been the perfect cover.  Sorry, I don’t have “SmellaBlog” or you could experience the scent of this mustie book that sadly, judging by circulation information, was never checked out….ever.