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Embrace the Serendipity of Learning

April 15, 2010

Wasn’t it nice of CSLA to chose the word Serendipity for their 2009 convention this past fall in SO CA? 
I thought so too. 
It was the perfect excuse to use this photo that I found that I just love.

Serendipity certainly was the reason that I have the job that I do…
Now if we all can just live through the torment that is STAR testing.


April Bulletin Boards #1

April 9, 2010

Usually by this time of year I am OUT of ideas…my creativity is kaput.
This year, between the lay off worries, budget crisis and other things too numberous to name…I am fresh out of original ideas…

One April, a few years ago I required a little help….actually, I needed something for two uncooperative, unpleasant, (never was I so thankful for graduation to come) student helpers to do.  (They ended the school year with C’s and Unsatisfactory scores, in case you were wondering.)

I grabbed Seventeen, Teen Vogue, People and a few other magazines and gave the girls instructions.  “Give me a paper collage or montage of images of love, romance, angst, teenage worries, teen issues…”  This assignment kept them busy during the near month-long agony that is – STAR testing….and thankfully after that we’re in the home stretch.

When they finished, I rolled it up and filed it away.  I took it out of mothballs last week.  I must have been incredibly busy with textbooks at the time they completed the project, because I did not look at their ‘creation.’
Before I could put this up as a bulletin board display…I had to “clean it up a bit.”
Here’s the edited version…

What do you think?  Personally, I think I still need to cover up the “Jungle Love.”
I don’t feel like discovering anyone engaged in foreplay in the Fiction section this year.

This one covered it up quite well.

– Have your student (s) cut out appropriate photos (you get final editoral approval) from old magazines
– Attach the photos to poster board or construction paper with glue sticks
– Cover bulletin board with a bright eye catching colored background.
Attach your photo montage to the bulletin  board
– Arrange related books on the display bookcase below the bulletin board.
– You might even use your Cricut or whatever lettering  style you use to make various titles for the display.