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Getting Down with the Dewey Decimal System…..

August 21, 2009

One of my blog friends uses that title for when anyone hovers over my name on her blog roll listing. 
Sadly, I was without a title for this post and that seemed as good as any.

I know I’m not posting enough to get very many comments, but I am getting lots of Spam. 
One of my Spam offerings was from someone name John asking me to change his password. 
Sorry John, no can do. 

I would like to be sharing with you my next great bulletin board idea.
Instead I am in what some of us call “Registration Hell.” 
I am cross eyed from checking student accounts to make sure the “little darlings” don’t have any book fines or charges. 

I am amazed, daily at the number students who show up to register and are owing $280.00 – $400.00 in books. 
If taxpayers behind the Orange Curtain knew how much of their tax dollars were lost annually on missing textbooks…there’d be Tea Parties over that too. 

I know, I should lower my expectations for student behavior…I’d be much happier.  I just can’t seem to manage that.  My five year old was expected to act like he was 21….why can’t teenagers act like my son when he was 5? 
Here’s a typical example of the dialogue during registration.  Keep in mind the students had 2 months to return their late books. 

HotLibraryTech:  “Dick/Jane, you owe text books/library books.  Where are they?” 

Dick/Jane:  “They’re at home.” 

HotLibraryTech:  “Why didn’t you bring them?” 

Dick/Jane:  “I don’t know.” 

HotLibraryTech:  “You are going to go home and get them, I’ll be waiting.” 

Dick/Jane:  “Right now?” 

HotLibraryTech:  “Yes, right now.” 

Dick/Jane:  “But I have to walk/Can’t I bring them on the first day of school/It’s hot outside/my friend owes a book too”….(be sure to imagine this scene with the student, whinning.)

HotLibraryTech:  “Good exercise/No you can’t/You should have worn sunscreen/Good, your friend can stop at their house and get their book before you come back.”

When the student(s) would arrive back at registration with the missing book, my favorite line to say was “Ohh look, the book(s) are back!  Did they have a nice summer?” 
The student would sheepishly reply, “Yes.”   

I was watching some Catherine Tate videos on Youtube the other day and this one was so appropriate for nearing the first day of school.  Enjoy…or be thankful.