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A vampire movie the guys will love –

July 9, 2010

C’mon we all knew that a parody of the Twilight Saga had to be coming to the big screen. 
Yes, premiering at theatres on August 18th, but you can see a preview now –
This is one I won’t be taking the kids to….but I can’t wait to see it!  If it is half as funny as the following clip it be worth the price of admission. 



July 2, 2010

The kids and I checked out the premiere of Eclipse on Wednesday. 
We found some seats in the crowded theatre; an older woman sat down next to me. 

She immediately started chatting with me about all things Twilight. 
The teenagers with me were absolutely mortified that I was talking to a stranger. Probably even more so that I was talking about Twilight like I was (perish the thought) a teenager. 

Soon the woman’s daughter and grand daughter found her and their seats.  The little granddaughter looked to be about 7 years old. 
While they were getting settled, the grandmother asked her daughter what the film was rated. 
The daughter replied that she thought it was PG, there wasn’t anything inappropriate in it. 
The little granddaughter leaned over to her grandmother and said, “That means that there is no, (she spelled it out)
S  E  X in the movie, grandma.” 

As I was trying to laugh as quietly as possible, my teenagers asked me, with great annoyance, “What is so funny, Mom?” I just smiled….I’ll tell you later. 

(Judging by photos I’ve found on the net, they’ll have to find a babysitter for Breaking Dawn…parts one and two.)

Eclipse Quiz

May 23, 2010

Now that STAR testing is over – before finals start – it is time for the Eclipse Quiz. 
Starting on Monday morning students can stop by the circulation desk and pick up an Eclipse Quiz. 

Before Twilight was released a few years ago, I wrote a quiz for the book and we had a contest in the library.  First prize was two tickets to see the premiere.  I did the same with New Moon.  Students picked up their quiz and were able to return it a few days later.  When they returned the completed quiz, the first thing they would say was, “Mrs. Hot!  This was really hard!  I’m glad you aren’t my English teacher!” 

Frankly, I am too.  When I get all the quizzes back and I sit down to grade them this coming Memorial Day weekend, I am going to ask myself WHY did I add an essay question this time? 

If you are interested in having a contest yourself, check back here after the contest is over. 
I will post 10 of the 45 questions.  Good Luck.

New Moon Bulletin Board

November 8, 2009


I have been neglectful in sharing some of my many Twilight series of boards and displays.  With only 10 days left until the movie premieres, it is not too late to put up a display to encourage your students to “Read the Book, See the Movie.” 

image 4 There are many places where you can find suitable posters/photos for a New Moon display.  Hot Topic, Target, Wal-Mart and my personal budget friendly spot…the Internet. 

     In five minutes I can find and save 15 – 20 photos to use, that all have the principal’s seal of approval. 

     If you are printing photos be sure to have good photo paper and enough color ink. 

Wait until you see the photos for Breaking Dawn….I will have to censor that board! 

image 6

     I am a big fan of ribbon…and with red satin ribbon being featured on the cover of Eclipse… 

     I use it often on the Twilight series boards.  Michael’s is the place I go, although you may have a better option.  
     I found this ribbon on sale for $1.99 for the spool. 

     Remember the lettering:  Whether you are lucky enough to have push-pin letters, die cuts from Ellison, or a Cricut…don’t forget your title!  I saw this idea at Borders

image 5     A 3-D addition that I am fortunate to have, are old movie projector film reels. 

     I don’t know where you can find these ancient artifacts these days…
perhaps on an archeological dig somewhere….but two ideas come to mind. 

     1.  Ebay or 2.  Go to the teacher who has been on campus the longest and see if you can rummage around in their storage room/closet. 

     If your school has a theatre or media room, check the cabinets for hidden treasures. 

     As you can see I used the red ribbon to substitute for the film, but I have even used exposed 35 mm film and old film strips in displays.

While you are at Michael’s, pick up this picture frame kit idea that I have turned into a count down calendar.  image 8

Hope this post gives you some good ideas to create some excitement in your libraries for the premiere of New Moon.

Only 13 more days – New Moon

November 6, 2009


We have a count down going in my library.  New Moon is less than 2 weeks away. 
The students come in to check how many more days on a calendar I made. 
They stand at the counter, not to check out a book, but to find out if I am going to see New Moon.  They want to know where am I going to see it, and do I have my tickets already…the questions go on and on. 

I am thinking of going to Garden Walk in the land of the Giant Mouse.  The theatre there is opened only to people 21 and older.  I might actually get to see it with out teen age girls screaming at Taylor without his shirt on…and Rob…ahem…there’s certainly a lot of Rob showing…if Rob was at school, I’d have to write him a detention for indecent exposure. 

More importantly, the students are anxious for my quiz to come out on Monday. 
Yes, the HotLibraryTech has written a quiz for New Moon.  I wrote one for Twilight as well.  Of all the entires for Twilight, over 150, we only had two perfect scores. 

Starting Monday, students can pick up a quiz, written from the book.  They then have 4 days to return it to me.  Two girls came in today, all shy.  “We have a question about the quiz,” they said, practically in unison….the choir director would have been proud.  “Do we have to take the quiz here in the library, or can we take it home?”  I told them they could take it home, it’s due on Friday.  “Are you going to make it a ‘open book exam’?” I asked.  When they walked out the front doors, they dissolved into polite little giggles.  Today, by the time announcements were over and student lunch had begun, the campus was ‘a buzz’ with excitement. 

The grand prize is two tickets to the premiere of New Moon on November 20th. 
Am I cool or what?  Maybe it will negate the fact that I have written 10 detentions this week for cell phone use. 

New Moon is Coming….

August 25, 2009

If you work at the high school level, half the population is waiting for New Moon (the movie) to be released. 
I plan to generate a little excitement by having several of the library’s computers set up with the latest New Moon screensavers. 
This year I also hope to have a computer set up with book review videos for the students to watch.  First I have to get past IS and the multitude of firewalls.  While I figure out that bit of advanced technology…enjoy these peeks into New Moon. 

The second video is supposedly “fan made”.  Looks pretty darn good if you ask me.