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Fall displays

November 3, 2010

I have shown the glass cases I have with seasonal displays –
These are some from this year: 

Tommy – This one’s for you-

I found a fantastic Cricut cartridge that is a fall font.  I spelled out “Speaking of Fall” in leaves, pumpkins and wood planks. 

Finishing Touches

April 14, 2010

As you saw the previous April Bulletin board looked a little plain. 

So I broke out the plastic lettering that we are very lucky to have.  We have searched the internet, Amazon and Ebay and we cannot find anything to replace our missing letters.  If you are lucky enough to have push-pin lettering for bulletin boards hang on to them.  If you ever think of selling them – Email me!

After I added the letters, I attached the daisies that I cut out on the Cricut Expressions. 
I added the centers so that some of them were three dimensional. 

Hope you enjoyed the displays this month.

Be on the lookout for the Eclipse Board and the Eclipse Quiz in May.