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It is always Colorful in my Library……

March 15, 2014

Inventory continues in my Library….Look what I found when I picked up an entire history set of books to clean and inventory them……

0207141225ABThis is an example of what student helpers and REALLY big erasers were meant for…..kidding….I removed it myself.  If I asked a student to remove the grafftti, photos of it would have been all over campus in 2.5 seconds.

Pulling Weeds…..

April 19, 2013

When you work in a Library and you say that you are weeding, it does not mean that you are outside gardening or weeding the flower beds to keep the flowers from being choked out by weeds.  It means that you are beautifying the Library by removing old books that are MUSTIE….

In case you are remotely interested – MUSTIE stands for:

Misleading and/or factually inaccurate
Ugly (worn out beyond mending or rebinding)
Superseded by a new edition or a better source
Trivial (of no discernible literary or scientific merit)
Irrelevant to the need and interests of your community
Elsewhere (the materials may be easily borrowed from another source)

I have been weeding the Fiction section so that I can shelve the books that the Librarian donated to the Library before she was forced back into the classroom due to budget cuts.  That’s right, she still has a job, but she is no longer the Librarian.  Normally, she would be doing this job, as it was part of her job description, but I have still have to make room for newer books on the shelves.

I have found some real winners in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section.  The Science Fiction books have little alien stickers on the book spine; the Fantasy books have dragons.  The books I’ve pulled so far from this section were from the 1960’s and judging by the date due slips, they were never checked out.
There are books in the Fiction section that have not seen the light of day since the last time I did inventory.
Oh, and the book covers are hysterically funny.

I usually see my former boss the Librarian on a daily basis….she tells me that I am having entirely too much fun doing inventory and weeding, but you look at these book covers and tell me they aren’t funny.


Whoever Claudia is, no one seems to know where she is.



What can I say about Cathy?  Don’t you love her green boots?  She is a real hipster.
I am struck by how she is standing with her legs so far apart…and then there’s the guy who is standing behind her, ogling her…..hmmm, know what my grandma would say……



Could this cover BE any uglier?  Is his belly supposed to look like a “six-pack?”  And what about the gun?  Guess high schoolers in the 60’s didn’t bring guns to school….they brought weed….LOL.
When I was in high school, the saying we used, was “A hard man is good to find…”  I can’t look at this book cover and not see that phrase.  This book is definitely going.


That’s all the amusement I can handle for now.  More book covers to follow.
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