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June 16, 2012

This has been the year of graffiti.  I have found it on the tables, chair legs and books. Some of the worse was the black felt marker graffiti on the oak (yes, solid oak) arms of the library couches.  Earlier this week a very sweet substitute teacher brought me a textbook with tagging in it.  The substitute sheepishly and quickly flipped the cover open to show what had been drawn in what we used to call “black magic marker.” “Oh great, nice touch,” I said.  A student had added two crude drawings of penises on the inside covers. How old are these kids again?  Eight?

While I was shelving books, since the students are gone, I found this.

It was appropriate since the book next to it is Alice in Wonderland.  Too bad this “graffiti artist” wasn’t more gifted.  They should have drawn a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom, smoking.



May 16, 2012

…And the “Are You Kidding Me” award for the day goes to…….

Today, an individual on campus came to the library to ask for a movie.
We have some that are approved for student viewing.
There really are quite a few rules for showing copyrighted films to students in a school setting.
One of them being that the film must go along with the curriculum and two that only a very few minutes are shown to the students.
A very important point that is often overlooked is that 9th grade English teachers can’t show the R rated Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo & Juliet…..

The classroom helper came to the circulation desk and said “The teacher wants to borrow a Harry Potter DVD….”

I was good –  Gosh I was really good and held my tongue.  It took considerable constraint on my part.
What I wanted to say was…”Sorry, this isn’t Hogwarts…When did Harry Potter become a part of the district’s English curriculum?”

Instead I just said, “Nope, sorry.”

Star Testing

August 22, 2011

What do you do all day?

February 11, 2011


     In the past, I have actually had administrators ask, (never to me personally, to my face, but to someone else, within earshot) “What does Mrs. Hot do all day, now that she is not “in charge” of textbooks?”  News flash – I should have never been “in charge” of textbooks – I would love to see the stipend for the 7 years I did someone else’s job. 

     Whew!  Deep cleansing breath – In – Out – Find my happy place…..

     In any case, I recently had a librarian from another school ask for the Hot Library Tech’s job description. 
Wow, that required some thought.  While there is an actual job description that was released by the “Ministry of Magical Learning”  it does not begin to cover what library technicians do within the course of a day.  
     So, instead of doing what I do all day, I composed a job description including even, (shock) a little humor.  I am not finished yet, but it was enough information for the anxious librarian who emailed my librarian 12 times during the course of the day to check on my progress. 
     I shared my composition with another tech – we have a joke that we sit around eating bonbons and reading all day.   These are his thoughts on our job description: 

1.)    Open library, turn on computer
2.)    Place bon bons on desk within easy reach
3.)    Spin around in chair 5 times
4.)    Read magazines
5.)    Count paperclips

Gotta go, my bonbons are melting!

Banned Book Report

January 19, 2011

Every year the 10th grade class has a banned book assignment. 
They have an essay that they write in the form of a letter where they either support the reasons for the book being banned or argue for reasons why the book should not be banned, challenged or restricted. They also must include 3 citations/quotes from the book to support the listed court case(s)

 In late October, many students came in individually or as a class to check out a banned book of their choosing. 
Students were given a list of the Top 100 banned books and then told to choose from one of those.  Some of the more serious students purchased the book they wanted to read – gotta love ’em for caring about their education.  But, with over 400 10th graders, we were of course, caught short, having more students than banned books in the library collection.   

Students who came in when they were first told of the assignment were usually able to find the book they wanted to read.  There were also those who waited until the last possible moment…..
Some teachers chose to issue a textbook from the English dept’s core novels – students who had to read
To Kill a Mockingbird or Lord of the Flies could be heard loudly, complaining.  The language/dialect in TKAM proves to be quite difficult for some ELL’s. 

Well, necessity is the mother of invention, so my student helpers and I pulled all novels that were listed in the 2010 copy of Banned Books…
Did you know that every Harry Potter book is listed?  As well as all the books in the Vampire Diaries series, the House of Night series…(even her books yet to be).. and yes, the Twilight series.  It was not for my lack of trying that students did not have a banned book for their report.  We even placed an order with Amazon for 12 of the most popular titles.  So glad there was a sale going on! 

Today all the computer labs were booked with students working on their essays.  Their papers are due on Friday, so that they can be graded before the end of the semester. 
Today…several students came looking for books…today!     
Of course, they were looking for the popular titles such as What My Mother Doesn’t Know and Crank.

I was more than happy to let my librarian deal with the slackers, I mean students, while I took care of other things today. She confided in me later this afternoon that after the 4th or 5th student, she was tempted to say:  “So sad you’re bad!”  And I thought I was the mean one?! 


Book Stores

January 13, 2011

Confucius say: 
“If you are in a book store and cannot find the book for which you search
you are obviously in the……

At the Circulation desk…

November 17, 2010

Today I had a student come up to the circulation desk and ask for a book. 
“What type of book do you need?” I asked.  I don’t usually use the word genre; I get very puzzled looks. 
The teenager responded, “I need a book about somebody who’s dead.” 

Gotta love the Biography unit in English 1.