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April Bulletin Boards # 2 – Fairytales Revisited

April 11, 2010

Some of my students love the genre of fairytales revisited. 
I decided that it would make a great bulletin board for April and one that would not require much creativity on part – as I said in a previous post, my creativity starts to wane this time of the year. 
I made a quick list of titles in the genre and did my research on Google at home in the evening. 

As you can see I made color copies and added them around a poster that we have had – forever. 
I love this quote by C. S. Lewis. 

The wired iridescent ribbon was found at Michael’s in the clearance bin.  I reminded me of the binding on a child’s blanket.  Don’t think that I toiled for hours to arrange the ribbon….I took it that way right off the roll, and attached it to the board.  The bow is simply tacked at the corner…it does look like one of those bows that you pay a designer $20.00 bucks for, but it’s not.