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Special treats

April 17, 2012

I wanted to make a special treat for Dr. Seuss’ birthday for the library club members.
I saw this idea on someone else’s blog and duplicated the idea.  I have to tell you that these ice cream cone cupcakes do not travel well unless you have a specially made holder.  I didn’t so there were some last-minute frosting touch-ups before the big reveal.

If you google Dr. Seuss cupcakes you will get the actual blog and the writer’s instructions for these “Wocket in my Pocket” cupcakes.
A few of the kids were excited to get a birthday cupcake – I have remind myself to lower my expectations.  What I think is fun – teenagers think is “ho-hum.”

This was not enough creativity for the month for me, so I went on to make “Green eggs and bacon.”
Pretzel sticks, melted white chocolate chips and green M&M’s – the M side down in the chocolate.

Lay the pretzel sticks on wax paper, drizzle a teaspoon of white chocolate in the middle, it is okay if it oozes over the sides.  While the chocolate is still warm, put one green M&M, m side down in the warm chocolate.  When set, serve.

The high schoolers weren’t very impressed with this either, but it was something fun for me to do.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

April 17, 2012

Yes, I am very late with my post for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, over a month for those of you keeping track.  But frankly, when I know that I am losing the librarian who has worked with me for the last nine years due to more budget cuts – it is pretty sad in the library these days.

This year I went with quotes from Seuss and some cute photos.  There really are that many books in the Seuss collection (see photo under the hat.)  Google is my “go to” for images and I am usually pretty successful

If you have a new color cartridge in your printer, this is a pretty cheap display to put together.