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April 18, 2011

Last November, I put out this brand new issue of  Shoen Jump.  We have some students who go crazy over this comic book series.  None of them got to read this issue however.  Someone – and I know exactly who it was, stole the magazine. 
He/she ripped off the front and back covers and index.
As a result, I had to bring all the Shoen Jumps downstairs to keep them behind the counter.  When we got rid of the offender from our campus, I was able to put them back where they belong.



April 9, 2010

A few weeks ago one of my volunteer helpers afterschool found an empty book cover hidden in the library collection. 
The book portion had been ripped out and stolen, leaving behind the cover. 
I stood at the circulation desk, dumbfounded…seriously? 

The books are free….just give us your school ID that proves you are a student on our campus and you can check out books.  All we ask is that you return them on the due date…okay, we also ask that you don’t take them on vacation, that you don’t read them in the bathtub and that you never use them for an umbrella. 

We had no other recourse but to throw away the empty cover.  The next week, another book in the same series was found in the same condition.  I promptly posted it on a side bulletin board.  I hope the “individual” sees it – I hope it embarrasses them – I hope their conscience troubles them for a long time…assuming of course that they have a conscience.

Security Strips –

August 22, 2009

I noticed that last night someone used the search engine term “security strips” to find one of my posts. 

I had a past post where I talk about how discouraging it is when I find the security strip removed from a book on the floor.  We lost several books at the end of the school year this way.  I know, because I have gone through the Fiction collection and reorganized….Why is so hard to find student help that can alphabetize? 

Believe it or not, I managed to alphabetize and still work “Registration Hell.” 

I hate to say that my student helpers are telling their friends how the books are “armed” and then their friends remove the security strip and steal a book from the library.  But after finishing the Fiction section, there are too many books missing, to think otherwise.  I hope the culprits have not been my student helpers. 
I hate it when they steal the first copy in a series…obviously I hate that they think it’s okay to steal a book period.  At least if I have the first book a series, a student can get started reading while I arrange the purchase of the missing next book.  I’ll be going out this week to replace several copies that are gone.  It is sad when students come to the desk because the book they are looking for has “gotten up and walked away.” 

This year, even if I have to stay late, I will be the one to put the security strips in the books.  I have noticed that some of the student help put the security strips in the back of the books where it is easy to find.  Not this year.  I have to say though, there really isn’t a good place to insert the strip in graphic novels. 

I know what you’re saying…”Hey Mrs. Hot…we thought that this post was going to have book reviews!” 
Well, my friends, it does.  Here they are: 

My Top Picks for:  “Books Needing More Security”. 

Not a great acronym, is it?  I’ll work on that. 



My first recommendation is Swoon written by Nina Malkin.  I predict that I will need a sign up sheet for this ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.  This book gave me the feeling of New England in the fall, kind of an Ichabod Crane meets the 21st century.  The plot revolves around three characters, Dice, Penn and Sin. 
The text is rich, bringing to mind very colorful images.  It was hard to put down.  I think my students who will check out New Moon again, while they wait for the movie will be reading this one too. 
There’s a bit of a love triangle and many discussions of sex.  It is not a book for middle schoolers.  11th grade and up. 




My second place must read is Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
To say that I loved this book would be an understatement. 
I know my students are going to love it too.  I should pick up a few more copies before next week.   
The two main characters are Grace and Sam.  Sam saved Grace when she was a young child. 
Now it is up to Grace to save Sam, but can she? 
I was prepared to not have an “emotionally satisfying ending” but the twist surprised me. 
The following trailer was created by Maggie Stiefvater herself, using hundreds of paper cut-outs and multiple photographic frames per second.  The music was composed and performed by Maggie Stiefvater & Kate Hummel. 
I wonder if Maggie is into scrapbooking too?







(This trailer courtesy of Expanded Books)


This was by far my favorite of the three. 
I picked up for the cover art alone.  Isn’t it gorgeous

The story may sound remotely familiar….some reviewers have noted a “
Twilight DNA quality.”  
The plot focuses on the heroine,  Zara, as well as Nick, Ian, two more of Zara’s quirky new friends…and a stranger who leaves behind a trail of gold dust.  Do your students a favor and pick up a copy of Need





Among the Stacks

June 24, 2009



Ranting here because there isn’t anywhere else…

I find it very discouraging when I find the security strips that we use to protect our library collection from theft, peeled out of books and lying on the floor, shelves and other hiding places. 
Every time I find one, it represents a $20 – $25 hard cover book – stolen. 

See, I can’t manage to have the attitude….” it’s in the hands of a student who really wanted to read it”….
If they wanted ot read it they should have checked it out like everyone else on campus! 

Some selfish individual, lacking a conscience and quite frankly any morals, decided to steal a book rather than check it out. 
I have worked hard not to care that books are stolen but the standards by which I was raised really SMACKS up against the moral decay and severe lack of discipline and consequences that IS the public school system. 

Seriously – If they will steal a book, what else would they steal?  The HotLibraryTech is much more frustrated than hot today.