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3D ideas-Bulletin Boards on a Budget

March 27, 2010

Bulletin Boards on a Budget

I get ideas so many different places. Fairs, amusement parks, book stores, thrift stores, craft stores & even happy meal toys.  I check the clearance section of stores for nearly free finds.  Children’s picture books are a great inspiration for me. 

Here are a few suggestions for additions to a bulletin board display:

Film strips
Exposed rolls of 35mm film                                          
Movie film reels
Old fashioned popcorn containers
Ribbon…yards and yards of ribbon…
Gift boxes
Snowflakes/paper and plastic
Garlands of popcorn and cranberries
Plastic pumpkins
Silk leaves/Flowers
Fabric quilt squares
Stuffed animals
Heart shaped candy boxes
Magazine covers
Seasonal decorations

Free posters
Artificial fruits
Wired ribbon and garlands
Graduation caps and tassels
Cardboard cutouts / decorations
Clothes pins
Chain / Lock & Key
Caution tape
American flags
Cookie boxes
Battery operated lights

There are a variety of things you can use to attach items to your boards: 
Double sided tape, push pins in a variety of shapes and sizes, black photo mounting corners, staples & scrapbooking adhesives.


Christmas Bulletin Boards

November 15, 2009


To everyone who is looking for Christmas bulletin board ideas – I see all those Google search item terms…I know you are looking for fresh ideas for the coming month and holiday. 

Let me finish presenting my Bulletin Boards on a Budget at CSLA next weekend, and then I promise to share several Christmas ideas with you!