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The last book fair…

April 17, 2012

Our last book fair was the end of March 2012.  I know, I said that the book fair last spring was our last book fair.  Last May, in an 11th hour miracle, the librarian’s jobs were saved.  This year we do not expect that to happen this year.  Next year when the teacher’s ask when is the book fair?  I am going to say, “Remember the librarians, whose jobs you could have saved if everyone in the district had voted to take ONE, count em’ ONE furlough day?! Well, book fairs were her ‘thing’ along with a hell of a lot more…”
Let me just quietly put my soap box away now…there it is neatly tucked under my desk again…..for now.

I went out with my camera when the Scholastic truck arrived.  I even took a photo of the driver, I won’t add it here, but he was very happy to pose.

My book fair nightmare came true this year.  The second book fair crate got stuck in the elevator on its way down and is currently in limbo about 5 feet above the library floor.  There are still three crates stuck upstairs.  We hope they repair the elevator soon – last time it broke it took over a year for them to repair it…..TCB


April 18, 2011


This is very possibly the last Scholastic Book Fair in my library. 
All the librarians have gotten their RIF notices – well, except one….but for all practical purposes – all the librarians will be gone in September.  Unless a miracle occurs…

All the library technicians in the district received a notice that we may be laid off, reduced or affected due to bumping  rights at the conclusion of the school year.  Translation – it is possible that the libraries will be open fewer hours during the day/school year. 

There is one book that I will not miss – EVER.  Each student, whether they are severely handicapped or Advanced Placement – they have had to pick up this book and make it croak.  I will be so happy to see it leave…I may even pack it up myself.  A noisy counting book – they weren’t kidding. 

RIF notices:  Another  reason that prayer should have never been taken out of school