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Back To School Bulletin Boards 2011

August 30, 2011

When I returned to work in August – to be met with still no AC – The building was beyond hot, bordered on “hell-like”.
I was moving pretty slow – like a lizard in cold weather. Do they move slow?  I’ve only seen them zip along, making me eek! like a little girl.
There was a new DEMCO catalog in the mail.  I’ve never looked through the catalogs we receive because we never have any money to spend.  Say it with me now:  We have NO budget!

I had to order some library supplies with my own money this year and while looking through the catalog I found these great, whimsical and old fashion styled posters by Susan Widget.  I had to get them.  The representative at DEMCO was very nice and helpful – he had my order on its way to me after a quick phone call.

FedEx won’t leave packages on the porch in my city – so when the driver called to say he was going to deliver my packages that day, I had to arrange to meet him on the road. I’ve never had a rendezvous with a FedEx driver before – LOL.

Thanks to Michael’s Craft store for the .99 cent flags.  The scrapbook paper was on sale that day and I bought “apple” colors to use in the Cricut machine.

These cute apple cutouts are courtesy of my Creative Memories consultant.  CM has a Cruicut cartridges that are exclusive to Creative Memories.

Here’s the bulletin board lettering that I have looked high and low for….I am short on “a’s” and “y’s”  – hence the “z” –
Don’t think the kids will even notice!

Here’s to a very happy school year.

And the winner is…..

September 10, 2010

School started two weeks ago – that first day I could have confiscated no less than 6 cell phones.  Instead I just barked in my drill sergeant voice, “Do you really want a detention on the first day of school, private?” 

Today after school I had a dozen little darlings on the student computers.  They were actually all working – having finally mastered the new requirement of their own login and password.  It was quiet except for the sound of busy little fingers and one girl’s voice…..talking… I was hearing a one-sided conversation. 

I should have known something was up – the other students on computers kept glancing at me – looking away and then back again.  Some of them were giggling.  Ah, they have seen me in action before…..
Then it hit me…I am a bit rusty after the long summer…somebody was on their cell phone.  A 9th grader on computer Ten was chatting merrily, oblivious to the Great White who was circling behind her….cue music…

I must say, my compliments to the rest of the students who were  kept doing their work.  Not one of them tried to give her the “heads up” or the complimentary “LOOK OUT behind YOU!!”  As I stepped in front of the student and caught her eye, the color drained from her face. 
“Ohh Mommy!” she squeaked and disconnected her phone. 
Keeping my voice as interesting as a bowl of oatmeal, I said, “Bring your self and the cell phone to the counter.”  She went into the usual dramatic teenage girl freak out.  The rest of the students on the computers turned in their chairs to watch the floor show….Wow!  No cover charge!  No two drink minimum! 

When I reached the portion of the cell phone violation form that states, “Cell phones will only be released to the parent or guardian…” the color in her cheeks she had recovered, quickly dissappeared.  I think she realized it was pointless to struggle. 
Perhaps I need to make a special certificate for having one’s cell phone confiscated by the HotLibraryTech – I had one for the First Lost Textbook of the Year – back when I dealt with textbooks…I called it the “Kiss It Goodbye” award.  This year it only took two hours on the first day for someone to earn that honor.) 

After finishing the form and contacting the office on the radio, I walked the student to the office – policy states that you send the student and the form along their cell phone to the office…but quite frankly that’s like turning your back on a 2-year-old in front of an open cookie jar.

Patriot Day 2010

September 2, 2010

This year’s 9/11 bulletin board is more subdued than in past years.  You can see that previous board at the top of my blog.  The 9th grade class of 2014 were kindergarteners when the twin towers fell. 

Stephen Pastis is following me…

August 26, 2010

A fellow hot library tech found this and shared it with me. 
Stephen Pastis must have been following me.

Welcome Back Bulletin Boards 2010

August 25, 2010

I have one bulletin board that I consistently leave the same all school year.  It has our posters that I call…”These are your school boundaries” on it.
 Since our school has a southwestern theme….I was lucky to find a Cricut cartridge that is called Olde West.  It is perfect for us. 
You don’t have a Cricut machine you say? 
Surely if there is only 6 degrees of separation between you and Kevin Bacon there would be even less between you and someone you know who owns the Cricut Expressions. 
Some scrapbook stores even rent “time” on the machine and they are happy to show you how the machine operates.  Make a new friend and add some cute die cuts to a welcome back bulletin board! 

A big “Howdy” was perfect.  I love the racing horses. 

I love the stage-coach –

I went a bit crazy cutting
out all the western boots – I love the fine details
that the machine cuts in the boots.

Yes, I really do want them to turn off their cell phones!

Welcome back to school!

What did YOU read this summer?

August 25, 2010

I was able to read quite a few books this summer so I thought it would be the perfect welcome back bulletin board for the 2010/2011 school. 
I found the book covers on –

Using my Shelfari account I was able to find out what books my librarian had also read since June –
Costco has great prices on professional glossy ink jet photo paper – plus  I found an unopened package at a garage sale. 

This time I covered the board with brown paper….why?  Well, we are almost out of black construction paper and we have NO budget!  Also, brown paper offsets how cute the little kitten in the center of the board is.  She’s our newest family member. 

I put the photos around that ugly metal frame – added our rare plastic push-pin lettering and viola! 

Hope you have a wonderful school year and that you are able to share the love of reading with your students!

97 Things to Do Before…..

September 2, 2009


This post is going to be one of my Bulletin Boards on a Budget.  Library budgets are tight these days, if you even have one. When I get really creative, it’s my own money I use to buy the supplies for the display.  I designed this bulletin board with items I already had on hand. 

The book was part of our library collection. 
The card stock were colors we purchased a few years ago. 
(500 sheet packs – on clearance – gotta love ’em))
Clip art printed on my computer from Microsoft office. 

I found this book in May of this year and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was going be a great bulletin board for back to school.  We have a new class of seniors that are already getting sentimental about graduation.  They have time to accomplish some if not all of the goals in this book and still do their homework. 

If you work at the elementary school level you could easily tweak some of the suggestions around to apply to grade school children.  Many of the 97 things should apply to everyone, even adults.  E.g. Spend quality time with your grandparents, Go green, Make peace with a sibling.

I picked out card stock from what we had on hand, in complimentary colors to the book cover; green, yellow and orange shades.  (The book cover is a green color rather than the blue tone that it came out to be in the photo.)  Using my computer, I chose a font that closely matched that of the book and printed out the things I’d chosen to suggest on card stock.  I used clip art in Microsoft Office to illustrate the numbered things.  When I typed in “argument” to the search window, I got happy faces…being not so happy.  I really liked the piggy bank for #78 “Open a Savings Account.”

If you want to spend the extra money you can print out the illustrations in color or even use actual photos.  If you have library helpers, this could be their first assignment in your class.  Design a bulletin board using this book.  I would actually be afraid to suggest this as an assignment.  One of the “97 things” was to “Practice Safe Sex.”  I would like to start the year off right and NOT spend any time in the Principal’s office explaining my “great bulletin board idea.” Best to leave the Safe Sex discussion for the Health teacher’s class.

From the scraps that were left over, I punched squares, circles and triangles to make accents of color around each “numbered thing.” (I don’t know what else to call them.)  : )


The student comments have been positive. 
“Mrs. Hot, can you show me how to start  a scrapbook?”  
“I’ve signed up for Mr. Twinkle-toe’s dance class after school.” 
“Oooh, that’s really cool, Mrs. Hot!”  (I have to agree.) 
I left the book on the counter so that students can browse through the suggestions, and they have. 
Chalk up another point for Mrs. Hot.