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…went up a hill…

April 25, 2013


I feel truly bad to be making fun of this cover after recently reading about the author and his battle with cancer.
It was the 80’s – this was in fashion….purple corderoy overalls….wow.

Are You Kidding Me?

April 22, 2013

The Library technicians in my district are all on their own now – of course if you asked some of them, they would tell you that they were on their own when the librarians were still in the libraries.  We are all in various stages of grief,  inventory and weeding.
My Librarian did weeding of the Reference section and some of the non fiction.  I am very loyal to her and I must say that when you work only three days at one campus and are dragged from this meeting to that meeting on the whim of the ____, it is more than difficult to accomplish very much weeding…..or other tasks that needed completing.

Yesterday I was going through the MARC records one by one, looking for problems and correcting errors, when I pulled up a record that was, to say the least, surprising.  It had the correct Call number, but I could not believe the title.  We have many books that start off with “Coping with….” followed by various problems or concerns, such as “Coping with acne…or Coping with an immigrant parent, an illiterate parent or a gay parent.”  But this one…”Coping with Being Anal Retentive”….this can’t be right.

After much research, I found there is no such author and I can only surmise that a student who was helping me during the summer went on the circulation computer when I was busy with another student or parent.  Nearly impossible to pinpoint as this was nearly 4 years ago.

This clever student went on to add yet another book title.  This one by Esmeralda Sinn, “How to Perform Oral Sex.”
I can’t decide whether to find this funny or not.  I hope the student applied this much creativity during their “education.”

Stay Calm and Carry On

September 2, 2012

The Library Technicians are borrowing a phrase from the UK this year.
It is not due to the London Olympics or a hot new book series coming out of Britain about a boarding school.
No, it is because all the Library Teachers were made “redundant.”  That is a UK word – it means ‘let go’, ‘RIFed’, ‘laid off’…all words that are supposed to not feel as bad as “Fired.” But wait, I got a bit ahead of myself, it is not that they don’t have jobs anymore, they simply are no longer in the libraries.  They had to go back to the classroom and teach the credential subject their first degree is in – they no longer are able to use their Masters in Library Science, which was their passion, which was why they enrolled in the program in the first place.

The loss of Librarians is an injustice for the students.  There will no longer be anyone to teach them “how to do” research papers, educate them about: web sites, data bases, or the travesty that is Wikipedia…..that just because it is on the internet does NOT mean it is true, and no, there is not really a pregnant man daily posting about the baby he is carrying. Those aren’t real ultrasounds! The genocide really happened in WWII and no it is unlikely that Hitler (yes, he really existed, WHO is your History teacher?) is lounging in a villa on the French Rivera….There will be no more book clubs, book fairs or new books.  There’s more, but I can feel my blood pressure rising.

The library technicians will run the library.  We will continue to set up displays, bulletin boards and field a battery of questions from teenagers. We have always checked out books, repaired books & suggested books.  We will now do all this and more and supervise students with no “back up” from the librarians.

To those who think that teaching/working in a school is a cushy job with summers off – think again.  Library technicians get 4 weeks off in the summer, some get 6 – but do we forget our students or job during that time? Think again.  Some of us attend library conventions getting new books for our libraries – sometimes for free.  We do online research for ideas to improve our libraries, we worry about the homeless students, ones living at near poverty level, the girls who were “sporting tummies” at the end of the school year, the quiet ones who gave us cause to check the warning signs of suicide, yet again.  What horrific situations are they finding themselves in – while we are helpless to do anything for them.

Heavy sigh – back to the days off – now that the librarians are gone, who will keep the doors open if we are sick? Where will the student who don’t “fit in” on campus go at lunch and after school?  Yes, many of us get 2 weeks off at Christmas, oops can’t say Christmas in public school…its Winter break.  For yours truly, I get frequent ‘illness miles’ in the parking structure at the doctor’s office during winter break.  Teenager viruses are immune to hand sanitzer….did you know that some really clever kid figured out how to remove the alcohol from the product and then drink the alcohol?  (Figured I needed to clarify that.) His chemistry teacher must be so proud……

There is so much more happening – as we wonder how long we will have our jobs – Will “they” close the libraries all together?
So while we try to “Stay Calm and Carry On” – we sometimes have more days where the only course of action is to “Panic and Freak Out!”

The last book fair…

April 17, 2012

Our last book fair was the end of March 2012.  I know, I said that the book fair last spring was our last book fair.  Last May, in an 11th hour miracle, the librarian’s jobs were saved.  This year we do not expect that to happen this year.  Next year when the teacher’s ask when is the book fair?  I am going to say, “Remember the librarians, whose jobs you could have saved if everyone in the district had voted to take ONE, count em’ ONE furlough day?! Well, book fairs were her ‘thing’ along with a hell of a lot more…”
Let me just quietly put my soap box away now…there it is neatly tucked under my desk again…..for now.

I went out with my camera when the Scholastic truck arrived.  I even took a photo of the driver, I won’t add it here, but he was very happy to pose.

My book fair nightmare came true this year.  The second book fair crate got stuck in the elevator on its way down and is currently in limbo about 5 feet above the library floor.  There are still three crates stuck upstairs.  We hope they repair the elevator soon – last time it broke it took over a year for them to repair it…..TCB

Celebrate a wedding….In the library

December 5, 2011

Edward & Bella Cullen’s wedding was the perfect opportunity to have some fun in the library.
We had a prize drawing with the winner receiving a pair of movie tickets to see part I of Breaking Dawn.  Entry forms were open to Library Club members and surprisingly enough there are still Twilight fans out there.

The afternoon of the 18th we had a wedding reception.  Library Club members could come by and have wedding cake, look at wedding pictures and take home a favor from Edward and Bella’s big day.  The favors were two free form hearts entwined, on black or burgundy satin ribbons.

I had over 30 students come to the reception, it was hard to guess how many people were coming – nobody RSVP’d, so I have a couple dozen cupcakes from the bakery in my freezer.  No harm done, we both have a cupcake in the afternoons when we have tea.


Back To School Bulletin Boards 2011

August 30, 2011

When I returned to work in August – to be met with still no AC – The building was beyond hot, bordered on “hell-like”.
I was moving pretty slow – like a lizard in cold weather. Do they move slow?  I’ve only seen them zip along, making me eek! like a little girl.
There was a new DEMCO catalog in the mail.  I’ve never looked through the catalogs we receive because we never have any money to spend.  Say it with me now:  We have NO budget!

I had to order some library supplies with my own money this year and while looking through the catalog I found these great, whimsical and old fashion styled posters by Susan Widget.  I had to get them.  The representative at DEMCO was very nice and helpful – he had my order on its way to me after a quick phone call.

FedEx won’t leave packages on the porch in my city – so when the driver called to say he was going to deliver my packages that day, I had to arrange to meet him on the road. I’ve never had a rendezvous with a FedEx driver before – LOL.

Thanks to Michael’s Craft store for the .99 cent flags.  The scrapbook paper was on sale that day and I bought “apple” colors to use in the Cricut machine.

These cute apple cutouts are courtesy of my Creative Memories consultant.  CM has a Cruicut cartridges that are exclusive to Creative Memories.

Here’s the bulletin board lettering that I have looked high and low for….I am short on “a’s” and “y’s”  – hence the “z” –
Don’t think the kids will even notice!

Here’s to a very happy school year.

Library Technicians….

August 20, 2011

Come in all shapes, sizes and Shoes –
One thing is for sure – We all love books.