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The town is on fire

May 11, 2013


At first glance I thought maybe it was a book about the Bee Gee’s.
Except the center guy didn’t have enough hair.
I thought of that song…”this girl is on fire….”
“This town is on fire…..”

Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s about the Bee Gee’s.


The Mystery of Blue Star Lodge

May 5, 2013


When I first started weeding last month,
I started going section by section looking for books that looked old by “reading” the spine.
I found this one in the “K” section, for the illustrator.
Maybe she looks so horrified because she was alphabetized under  the wrong letter of the alphabet on the shelf…
maybe it was because she tucked in between two volumes of Stephen King’s offerings.
(My student helpers cannot alphabetize to save their lives…
and yes I have taught them over and over again)

Who is she kidding?
She’s hiding behind her bicycle?
Maybe it broke down, she has a screwdriver in one hand.
I do like that even when she is bike riding she is fashion conscious –
her shoes match her top.

I love the caption on the cover…
“Four girls pedal their way to mystery and adventure”

I tried reading that line to a friend at a nearby school
and couldn’t read it to him without cracking up.

…arting with Melodie…

May 3, 2013


Isn’t it sad when a carelessly placed library book bar code changes the happy little
title of “Starting with Melodie” to something less than ….pleasant?
If only the student or volunteer had just placed the sticker about an inch or so lower.
But they didn’t, so we have a book that looks like it is titled –
“Farting with Melodie.”
Elaine, in the white sweater looks slightly appalled.
I hope Melodie didn’t let flee a fart  in the ice cream parlor.


After reading the back cover I understand why it was never checked out.
My school is  in a low socioeconomic area of the district –
the premise of the book, that Melodie has a mansion
with servants and celebrity parents…?
Well, it might as well be in the Science Fiction Fantasy section in my library.
My students could not relate.

The Late Great Me

May 3, 2013


Turns out the girl next door is the campus alcoholic.
I wondered how the beers got past the censors at district when
this order of books was approved in the 1980’s.

October Moon

April 26, 2013


The only thing that could make this book cover better
would be if Wolfey had some “bling”
hanging around his neck on the furry chest.
Some gold chains, some medallions, something Mr. T would have worn.
Nice pants.

Right Behind the Rain…..

April 26, 2013


There were two copies of this novel with the snazzy cover.
Neither one had ever been checked out.
My guess is that he is a country western singer and she is his manager.
He’s depressed because nobody showed up for his first performance at a hole in the wall CW bar.
Somebody brought him sympathy flowers.
Or maybe he got thrown off the mechanical bull.

Stay Calm and Carry On

September 2, 2012

The Library Technicians are borrowing a phrase from the UK this year.
It is not due to the London Olympics or a hot new book series coming out of Britain about a boarding school.
No, it is because all the Library Teachers were made “redundant.”  That is a UK word – it means ‘let go’, ‘RIFed’, ‘laid off’…all words that are supposed to not feel as bad as “Fired.” But wait, I got a bit ahead of myself, it is not that they don’t have jobs anymore, they simply are no longer in the libraries.  They had to go back to the classroom and teach the credential subject their first degree is in – they no longer are able to use their Masters in Library Science, which was their passion, which was why they enrolled in the program in the first place.

The loss of Librarians is an injustice for the students.  There will no longer be anyone to teach them “how to do” research papers, educate them about: web sites, data bases, or the travesty that is Wikipedia…..that just because it is on the internet does NOT mean it is true, and no, there is not really a pregnant man daily posting about the baby he is carrying. Those aren’t real ultrasounds! The genocide really happened in WWII and no it is unlikely that Hitler (yes, he really existed, WHO is your History teacher?) is lounging in a villa on the French Rivera….There will be no more book clubs, book fairs or new books.  There’s more, but I can feel my blood pressure rising.

The library technicians will run the library.  We will continue to set up displays, bulletin boards and field a battery of questions from teenagers. We have always checked out books, repaired books & suggested books.  We will now do all this and more and supervise students with no “back up” from the librarians.

To those who think that teaching/working in a school is a cushy job with summers off – think again.  Library technicians get 4 weeks off in the summer, some get 6 – but do we forget our students or job during that time? Think again.  Some of us attend library conventions getting new books for our libraries – sometimes for free.  We do online research for ideas to improve our libraries, we worry about the homeless students, ones living at near poverty level, the girls who were “sporting tummies” at the end of the school year, the quiet ones who gave us cause to check the warning signs of suicide, yet again.  What horrific situations are they finding themselves in – while we are helpless to do anything for them.

Heavy sigh – back to the days off – now that the librarians are gone, who will keep the doors open if we are sick? Where will the student who don’t “fit in” on campus go at lunch and after school?  Yes, many of us get 2 weeks off at Christmas, oops can’t say Christmas in public school…its Winter break.  For yours truly, I get frequent ‘illness miles’ in the parking structure at the doctor’s office during winter break.  Teenager viruses are immune to hand sanitzer….did you know that some really clever kid figured out how to remove the alcohol from the product and then drink the alcohol?  (Figured I needed to clarify that.) His chemistry teacher must be so proud……

There is so much more happening – as we wonder how long we will have our jobs – Will “they” close the libraries all together?
So while we try to “Stay Calm and Carry On” – we sometimes have more days where the only course of action is to “Panic and Freak Out!”