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Hunger Games

June 16, 2012

There was lots of excitement for the release of Hunger Games movie based on the book by Suzanne Collins.  We had a contest for movie tickets, books and posters before the movie premiere.

The border I found at JoAnn’s in the techer section and it was just perfect.  The READ poster is from the ALA catalog.  The movie reels are anicient – I always look at things and wonder how I could use them in a bulletin board.  I have an entire cupboard of things that are going to be donated to the Smithsonian some day.

After the movie had premeired, I wonder what I was going to do for April.  There is still a big run on all of the books in the Hunger Games series as well as the movie tie in books that we purchased so I just swapped out the READ poster for two posters we got free from the book fair and added a few things I found on Google images.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

April 17, 2012

Yes, I am very late with my post for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, over a month for those of you keeping track.  But frankly, when I know that I am losing the librarian who has worked with me for the last nine years due to more budget cuts – it is pretty sad in the library these days.

This year I went with quotes from Seuss and some cute photos.  There really are that many books in the Seuss collection (see photo under the hat.)  Google is my “go to” for images and I am usually pretty successful

If you have a new color cartridge in your printer, this is a pretty cheap display to put together.


9/11/01 – Ten years later

September 8, 2011

The 9/11 memorial bulletin board is staying simple this year.
My family and I went to the fair this year and in the photography building I found this painting.
Yes, I took a photo of it.
I found the painter’s blog and left him a comment.
I am including the link so that you can see his astonishing painting full size.
He entitled his painting – “Break Time’s Over….
Visit his blog and read about the painting.

Back To School Bulletin Boards 2011

August 30, 2011

When I returned to work in August – to be met with still no AC – The building was beyond hot, bordered on “hell-like”.
I was moving pretty slow – like a lizard in cold weather. Do they move slow?  I’ve only seen them zip along, making me eek! like a little girl.
There was a new DEMCO catalog in the mail.  I’ve never looked through the catalogs we receive because we never have any money to spend.  Say it with me now:  We have NO budget!

I had to order some library supplies with my own money this year and while looking through the catalog I found these great, whimsical and old fashion styled posters by Susan Widget.  I had to get them.  The representative at DEMCO was very nice and helpful – he had my order on its way to me after a quick phone call.

FedEx won’t leave packages on the porch in my city – so when the driver called to say he was going to deliver my packages that day, I had to arrange to meet him on the road. I’ve never had a rendezvous with a FedEx driver before – LOL.

Thanks to Michael’s Craft store for the .99 cent flags.  The scrapbook paper was on sale that day and I bought “apple” colors to use in the Cricut machine.

These cute apple cutouts are courtesy of my Creative Memories consultant.  CM has a Cruicut cartridges that are exclusive to Creative Memories.

Here’s the bulletin board lettering that I have looked high and low for….I am short on “a’s” and “y’s”  – hence the “z” –
Don’t think the kids will even notice!

Here’s to a very happy school year.

March Bulletin boards

April 18, 2011

This is probably the last year that I will be able to use these posters so I thought better incorporate them into a display.  We did not do anything to celebrate RAAW this year.  There was too much going on. 

Every March or April – depending on who’s in charge of the calendar we have a celebration of the many cultures on our campus.  I try to have a display honoring that event. 

Yes, this does look truly pathetic – no need to tell me that.  But I wasn’t going to go out and spend $ on St. Patrick’s Day decorations if this is the last year that I will be making displays.  Normally I put these items on the top shelf of books, but when I did that with my Valentines’ display this year, someone stole one of the teddy bears that I purchased.

Fall Into a Good Book

November 3, 2010

A simple display – see for yourself. 
Book covers down loaded
Photos printed at home –
Lettering courtesy of the Cricut

Banned Books Week

November 3, 2010

Yes, I am late posting my photos from Banned Books week –
My excuse is parenting an honor’s student, in orchestra and band.   

We came up with this idea a few years ago.  I take the books from the English department’s core reading list, wrap a luggage chain around them with a luggage lock.  We can’t lock our suitcases anymore so we might as well put it to good use. 

We use brown paper bags  notating a portion of the battle in court and or the school district board meeting.
We also have a “Censored” stamp.