It is always Colorful in my Library……

Inventory continues in my Library….Look what I found when I picked up an entire history set of books to clean and inventory them……

0207141225ABThis is an example of what student helpers and REALLY big erasers were meant for…..kidding….I removed it myself.  If I asked a student to remove the grafftti, photos of it would have been all over campus in 2.5 seconds.

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One Comment on “It is always Colorful in my Library……”

  1. Tommy Kovac Says:

    So glad you shared this! Maybe this set of books could be used as a game, where you have to see how many sentences you can create by putting the 6 books in different order. But maybe not, it’s kind of limited. They should have used more books and more verbs.

    Dear Mr. Kovac:
    I’d kinda be afraid of what else they might have written…..

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