…arting with Melodie…


Isn’t it sad when a carelessly placed library book bar code changes the happy little
title of “Starting with Melodie” to something less than ….pleasant?
If only the student or volunteer had just placed the sticker about an inch or so lower.
But they didn’t, so we have a book that looks like it is titled –
“Farting with Melodie.”
Elaine, in the white sweater looks slightly appalled.
I hope Melodie didn’t let flee a fart  in the ice cream parlor.


After reading the back cover I understand why it was never checked out.
My school is  in a low socioeconomic area of the district –
the premise of the book, that Melodie has a mansion
with servants and celebrity parents…?
Well, it might as well be in the Science Fiction Fantasy section in my library.
My students could not relate.

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One Comment on “…arting with Melodie…”

  1. Tommy Kovac Says:

    I love “Elaine lives in a regular house with a mom and a dad and two big brothers. What could be more ordinary?”
    Even back in the ’80s when I grew up, I remember a lot of my friends being amazed my parents were still together. And not alcoholics. 😉
    Oh, Melodie. I hope she can fart herself into a happy life.

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