Goofbang Value Daze


Hey, doesn’t she look like a Breck Girl?
“Goofbang Value Daze…”
What a great name for a book that I thought was at first another version
of “Footloose” until they put the post apocalyptic spin on it
Everyone in town lives in a bubble.
Frankly, it looks like Gabe has some dirty dancing in mind.
I must have my artsy friend turn this into a bookmark for me.

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One Comment on “Goofbang Value Daze”

  1. Tommy Kovac Says:

    Wow, the synopsis does NOT match up with the cover art at all! At least, not in tone. Dirty dancing, indeed. 😉
    And “Goofbang Value Days” is one of the worst titles ever. Or one of the best? Now I’m not sure.

    I think this is the winner for THE worst title so far.

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