Clouded Paradise


If we were back in the early 1980’s this would be one HOT book cover.  Woo!
Don’t you love the shorts?  If they’d had a series of Magnum PI romance/mystery books this would have been the perfect cover.  Sorry, I don’t have “SmellaBlog” or you could experience the scent of this mustie book that sadly, judging by circulation information, was never checked out….ever.

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One Comment on “Clouded Paradise”

  1. Tommy Kovac Says:

    How nice! A girl and her father taking a vacation together! 😉
    It reminds me of a birthday cake we had done for my mom back in the 1980s, with Tom Selleck’s face reproduced on the top in frosting.
    I’m glad you mentioned the shorts. More older dudes need to realize that these shorty-shorts are no longer fashionable. Especially not in lemon yellow.

    Your family vacation comment really made me laugh today.
    Yes, what is it with the renewal of shorty shorts? Tom Selleck rocked them, but the old grandpa down the street just makes them Scary!

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