Are You Kidding Me?

The Library technicians in my district are all on their own now – of course if you asked some of them, they would tell you that they were on their own when the librarians were still in the libraries.  We are all in various stages of grief,  inventory and weeding.
My Librarian did weeding of the Reference section and some of the non fiction.  I am very loyal to her and I must say that when you work only three days at one campus and are dragged from this meeting to that meeting on the whim of the ____, it is more than difficult to accomplish very much weeding…..or other tasks that needed completing.

Yesterday I was going through the MARC records one by one, looking for problems and correcting errors, when I pulled up a record that was, to say the least, surprising.  It had the correct Call number, but I could not believe the title.  We have many books that start off with “Coping with….” followed by various problems or concerns, such as “Coping with acne…or Coping with an immigrant parent, an illiterate parent or a gay parent.”  But this one…”Coping with Being Anal Retentive”….this can’t be right.

After much research, I found there is no such author and I can only surmise that a student who was helping me during the summer went on the circulation computer when I was busy with another student or parent.  Nearly impossible to pinpoint as this was nearly 4 years ago.

This clever student went on to add yet another book title.  This one by Esmeralda Sinn, “How to Perform Oral Sex.”
I can’t decide whether to find this funny or not.  I hope the student applied this much creativity during their “education.”

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