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October Moon

April 26, 2013


The only thing that could make this book cover better
would be if Wolfey had some “bling”
hanging around his neck on the furry chest.
Some gold chains, some medallions, something Mr. T would have worn.
Nice pants.

The elevator is finally fixed

April 26, 2013


Did you read my post on the last Book Fair Ever held in my high school library?
Do you recall that my worst nightmare came true and the elevator broke down with one of the book fair crates in the elevator?
That was March 2012.
The elevator was finally fixed during spring break week – April 5, 2013.

Makes me wish that I had sold raffle tickets for a $1 –
placed bets on when the elevator got fixed….
I could have bought a new book for the library.

Right Behind the Rain…..

April 26, 2013


There were two copies of this novel with the snazzy cover.
Neither one had ever been checked out.
My guess is that he is a country western singer and she is his manager.
He’s depressed because nobody showed up for his first performance at a hole in the wall CW bar.
Somebody brought him sympathy flowers.
Or maybe he got thrown off the mechanical bull.

…went up a hill…

April 25, 2013


I feel truly bad to be making fun of this cover after recently reading about the author and his battle with cancer.
It was the 80’s – this was in fashion….purple corderoy overalls….wow.

Clouded Paradise

April 22, 2013


If we were back in the early 1980’s this would be one HOT book cover.  Woo!
Don’t you love the shorts?  If they’d had a series of Magnum PI romance/mystery books this would have been the perfect cover.  Sorry, I don’t have “SmellaBlog” or you could experience the scent of this mustie book that sadly, judging by circulation information, was never checked out….ever.

Are You Kidding Me?

April 22, 2013

The Library technicians in my district are all on their own now – of course if you asked some of them, they would tell you that they were on their own when the librarians were still in the libraries.  We are all in various stages of grief,  inventory and weeding.
My Librarian did weeding of the Reference section and some of the non fiction.  I am very loyal to her and I must say that when you work only three days at one campus and are dragged from this meeting to that meeting on the whim of the ____, it is more than difficult to accomplish very much weeding…..or other tasks that needed completing.

Yesterday I was going through the MARC records one by one, looking for problems and correcting errors, when I pulled up a record that was, to say the least, surprising.  It had the correct Call number, but I could not believe the title.  We have many books that start off with “Coping with….” followed by various problems or concerns, such as “Coping with acne…or Coping with an immigrant parent, an illiterate parent or a gay parent.”  But this one…”Coping with Being Anal Retentive”….this can’t be right.

After much research, I found there is no such author and I can only surmise that a student who was helping me during the summer went on the circulation computer when I was busy with another student or parent.  Nearly impossible to pinpoint as this was nearly 4 years ago.

This clever student went on to add yet another book title.  This one by Esmeralda Sinn, “How to Perform Oral Sex.”
I can’t decide whether to find this funny or not.  I hope the student applied this much creativity during their “education.”

Pulling Weeds…..

April 19, 2013

When you work in a Library and you say that you are weeding, it does not mean that you are outside gardening or weeding the flower beds to keep the flowers from being choked out by weeds.  It means that you are beautifying the Library by removing old books that are MUSTIE….

In case you are remotely interested – MUSTIE stands for:

Misleading and/or factually inaccurate
Ugly (worn out beyond mending or rebinding)
Superseded by a new edition or a better source
Trivial (of no discernible literary or scientific merit)
Irrelevant to the need and interests of your community
Elsewhere (the materials may be easily borrowed from another source)

I have been weeding the Fiction section so that I can shelve the books that the Librarian donated to the Library before she was forced back into the classroom due to budget cuts.  That’s right, she still has a job, but she is no longer the Librarian.  Normally, she would be doing this job, as it was part of her job description, but I have still have to make room for newer books on the shelves.

I have found some real winners in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section.  The Science Fiction books have little alien stickers on the book spine; the Fantasy books have dragons.  The books I’ve pulled so far from this section were from the 1960’s and judging by the date due slips, they were never checked out.
There are books in the Fiction section that have not seen the light of day since the last time I did inventory.
Oh, and the book covers are hysterically funny.

I usually see my former boss the Librarian on a daily basis….she tells me that I am having entirely too much fun doing inventory and weeding, but you look at these book covers and tell me they aren’t funny.


Whoever Claudia is, no one seems to know where she is.



What can I say about Cathy?  Don’t you love her green boots?  She is a real hipster.
I am struck by how she is standing with her legs so far apart…and then there’s the guy who is standing behind her, ogling her…..hmmm, know what my grandma would say……



Could this cover BE any uglier?  Is his belly supposed to look like a “six-pack?”  And what about the gun?  Guess high schoolers in the 60’s didn’t bring guns to school….they brought weed….LOL.
When I was in high school, the saying we used, was “A hard man is good to find…”  I can’t look at this book cover and not see that phrase.  This book is definitely going.


That’s all the amusement I can handle for now.  More book covers to follow.
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