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Americian Libraries Association Convention OC

June 26, 2012

ALA Anaheim, CA:  Day Four –

Simon & Schuster YOU ROCK!
Thank you for your great book giveaway at convention today – letting us get 4 – 5 books each time we went through the line.
Your generosity added many new books to our library!



Hunger Games

June 16, 2012

There was lots of excitement for the release of Hunger Games movie based on the book by Suzanne Collins.  We had a contest for movie tickets, books and posters before the movie premiere.

The border I found at JoAnn’s in the techer section and it was just perfect.  The READ poster is from the ALA catalog.  The movie reels are anicient – I always look at things and wonder how I could use them in a bulletin board.  I have an entire cupboard of things that are going to be donated to the Smithsonian some day.

After the movie had premeired, I wonder what I was going to do for April.  There is still a big run on all of the books in the Hunger Games series as well as the movie tie in books that we purchased so I just swapped out the READ poster for two posters we got free from the book fair and added a few things I found on Google images.


June 16, 2012

This has been the year of graffiti.  I have found it on the tables, chair legs and books. Some of the worse was the black felt marker graffiti on the oak (yes, solid oak) arms of the library couches.  Earlier this week a very sweet substitute teacher brought me a textbook with tagging in it.  The substitute sheepishly and quickly flipped the cover open to show what had been drawn in what we used to call “black magic marker.” “Oh great, nice touch,” I said.  A student had added two crude drawings of penises on the inside covers. How old are these kids again?  Eight?

While I was shelving books, since the students are gone, I found this.

It was appropriate since the book next to it is Alice in Wonderland.  Too bad this “graffiti artist” wasn’t more gifted.  They should have drawn a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom, smoking.