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Celebrate a wedding….In the library

December 5, 2011

Edward & Bella Cullen’s wedding was the perfect opportunity to have some fun in the library.
We had a prize drawing with the winner receiving a pair of movie tickets to see part I of Breaking Dawn.  Entry forms were open to Library Club members and surprisingly enough there are still Twilight fans out there.

The afternoon of the 18th we had a wedding reception.  Library Club members could come by and have wedding cake, look at wedding pictures and take home a favor from Edward and Bella’s big day.  The favors were two free form hearts entwined, on black or burgundy satin ribbons.

I had over 30 students come to the reception, it was hard to guess how many people were coming – nobody RSVP’d, so I have a couple dozen cupcakes from the bakery in my freezer.  No harm done, we both have a cupcake in the afternoons when we have tea.