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Banned Book Week 2011

September 26, 2011

My fellow Hot Library Tech friend used his awesome curio cabinet for Banned book week.  You can see his post at the
SmellsLike Library link on the right.  I went into my market and sweet talked my favorite cashier into giving me 12 brown paper bags.  I had a library assistant help me peel the bags apart and I made one large sheet of brown paper.

I found a few new images for banned book week on Google.  If your school is like mine, I am often blocked from going on Google to look for images, so I have to work at home to get my displays finished.  These were three that were acceptable for high school.  Be careful when searching at school – you wouldn’t believe what I found on ‘strict search!’

So I got “artsy crafsty” in WORD and found some clip art of an eye.  Then I “hid” book covers under the red flaps.  I took a while, but kids actually started checking out this interactive board.


Ear worms

September 25, 2011

Being with-it librarians and library techs I am sure that you all know what ear worms are.
This is my “earworm” of the week….it runs through at odd times, like when I am checking out books.
I don’t even know what the pop singer’s actual words to the song are….”you can use my card catalog….”

9/11/01 – Ten years later

September 8, 2011

The 9/11 memorial bulletin board is staying simple this year.
My family and I went to the fair this year and in the photography building I found this painting.
Yes, I took a photo of it.
I found the painter’s blog and left him a comment.
I am including the link so that you can see his astonishing painting full size.
He entitled his painting – “Break Time’s Over….
Visit his blog and read about the painting.