Banned Violets

 I received back a delinquent book from the banned Book project…it was so late the computer system had charged the maximum amount.  I always tell the student – Be glad that we have a ceiling on charges – public libraries don’t it can just keep going on like the ever-ready Bunny. 

When students read through the book they have chosen they are supposed to figure out why the book was censored, banned or challenged. 

Besides the fact the he/she did not turn in the post-it notes – which are called “Text Markings.”
I was struck by the hand writing /spelling; but I had no idea that bad violets was a reason to ban a book!

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One Comment on “Banned Violets”

  1. Tommy Says:

    I LOVE THIS! I guess the next time I sit down to write something, I better keep bad voliets out of it. 😉
    Tommy: When I have to peel out all the post-it notes – I usually just grumble…a lot. Now I read each one…looking for new material for my blog.

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