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Banned Violets

April 22, 2011

 I received back a delinquent book from the banned Book project…it was so late the computer system had charged the maximum amount.  I always tell the student – Be glad that we have a ceiling on charges – public libraries don’t it can just keep going on like the ever-ready Bunny. 

When students read through the book they have chosen they are supposed to figure out why the book was censored, banned or challenged. 

Besides the fact the he/she did not turn in the post-it notes – which are called “Text Markings.”
I was struck by the hand writing /spelling; but I had no idea that bad violets was a reason to ban a book!


April 18, 2011

Last November, I put out this brand new issue of  Shoen Jump.  We have some students who go crazy over this comic book series.  None of them got to read this issue however.  Someone – and I know exactly who it was, stole the magazine. 
He/she ripped off the front and back covers and index.
As a result, I had to bring all the Shoen Jumps downstairs to keep them behind the counter.  When we got rid of the offender from our campus, I was able to put them back where they belong.

March Bulletin boards

April 18, 2011

This is probably the last year that I will be able to use these posters so I thought better incorporate them into a display.  We did not do anything to celebrate RAAW this year.  There was too much going on. 

Every March or April – depending on who’s in charge of the calendar we have a celebration of the many cultures on our campus.  I try to have a display honoring that event. 

Yes, this does look truly pathetic – no need to tell me that.  But I wasn’t going to go out and spend $ on St. Patrick’s Day decorations if this is the last year that I will be making displays.  Normally I put these items on the top shelf of books, but when I did that with my Valentines’ display this year, someone stole one of the teddy bears that I purchased.


April 18, 2011


This is very possibly the last Scholastic Book Fair in my library. 
All the librarians have gotten their RIF notices – well, except one….but for all practical purposes – all the librarians will be gone in September.  Unless a miracle occurs…

All the library technicians in the district received a notice that we may be laid off, reduced or affected due to bumping  rights at the conclusion of the school year.  Translation – it is possible that the libraries will be open fewer hours during the day/school year. 

There is one book that I will not miss – EVER.  Each student, whether they are severely handicapped or Advanced Placement – they have had to pick up this book and make it croak.  I will be so happy to see it leave…I may even pack it up myself.  A noisy counting book – they weren’t kidding. 

RIF notices:  Another  reason that prayer should have never been taken out of school

Reduction In Force

April 16, 2011

Funny – I thought “pink slips” were actually pink…How naive of me….

Morganville Vampires

April 2, 2011


A couple months ago a friend suggested that I read the Morganville Vampire series. 
I am up to the  book Fade Out.

If this book series was to ever become a movie, I’ll tell you my choice for who should portray Myrnin –
Read page ten, couldn’t you see Johnny Depp delivering those lines?