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Sorry I Peed On You

February 14, 2011


Sorry I Peed on You and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy
By Jeremy Greenberg
Andrews McMeel Publishing

What a lovely book for new moms, moms-to-be, and even us old moms!  Sorry I Peed on You will be released in late March, in plenty of time for purchase for Mother’s Day gifts. 
This will be the “little something extra” that I include in baby shower & new mom gifts. 
The photography is beautiful, who doesn’t enjoy looking at baby pictures?  The letters are funny and oh so true. 
The author, Jeremy Greenberg is MSN’s resident parenting blogger and in his spare time he tours as a stand-up comedian. 

I discovered the book at  The librarian I work with attended the winter ALA conference in San Diego, California and brought back several “postcards” of books yet to be published.  Netgalley is a site where you can register for an account, browse through the different publishers and select those you want to read.  You can download the book or read it online.

I spent a good portion of my lunch hour looking thru all the different offerings from the various publishers. 
I picked out over 20 books.  Once you finish a book you have the option to writing a review although it is not required. 
Look for more reviews on books from in the future on this blog. 



What do you do all day?

February 11, 2011


     In the past, I have actually had administrators ask, (never to me personally, to my face, but to someone else, within earshot) “What does Mrs. Hot do all day, now that she is not “in charge” of textbooks?”  News flash – I should have never been “in charge” of textbooks – I would love to see the stipend for the 7 years I did someone else’s job. 

     Whew!  Deep cleansing breath – In – Out – Find my happy place…..

     In any case, I recently had a librarian from another school ask for the Hot Library Tech’s job description. 
Wow, that required some thought.  While there is an actual job description that was released by the “Ministry of Magical Learning”  it does not begin to cover what library technicians do within the course of a day.  
     So, instead of doing what I do all day, I composed a job description including even, (shock) a little humor.  I am not finished yet, but it was enough information for the anxious librarian who emailed my librarian 12 times during the course of the day to check on my progress. 
     I shared my composition with another tech – we have a joke that we sit around eating bonbons and reading all day.   These are his thoughts on our job description: 

1.)    Open library, turn on computer
2.)    Place bon bons on desk within easy reach
3.)    Spin around in chair 5 times
4.)    Read magazines
5.)    Count paperclips

Gotta go, my bonbons are melting!