The End is here

It has been Harry Potter month in my library. 
I don’t know if all the books in the series are checked out in preparation for the the movie or if it is because all the books have been on the banned book list at one time or another. 
There’s a banned book report for all 10th graders

I’ve gotten to use my glass display case – so GLAD it locks!

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2 Comments on “The End is here”

  1. alwaysjan Says:

    Way cool though when I first saw the candles I thought it was Hanukkah! Since this is the first year I’ve taught a GATE cluster, I actually have students who’ve read/are reading the books. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never made it past the chapter Track 8 1/2 in the first book. 😦
    Maybe you can get them on CD and listen to them while you’re with your trainer or driving on errands.
    You could get through several chapters if you drove down to the OC during winter break. 🙂

  2. Tommy Says:

    Great Harry Potter display! I love the floating candles in the glass case, and the spooky skull. I’ve noticed a definite increase in Harry Potter circulation lately, too! I’ve even had a few kids who admit it’s their first time reading the books, which is surprising at our school.
    Thanks Tommy! We had an increase in the HP series being checked out at our school too. Since all 500 + 10th graders have to do a banned book project – many of them were thrilled to know they could read an HP book and there was some adult, somewhere who had challenged it.

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