School is out and the students are gone.   

Gone are their cell phones and  every electronic device known to man and alien.  Gone are the eye rolls, the teenage angst, the sighs of disgust when I make them follow school policy….oh, the teachers do that too.  LOL

All the lost & not found iPods, cell phones, “you name it” devices are gone. 
These lost/abandoned little bits of technology were donated to our servicemen and women this past week.  I know they will appreciate them, I just wish I could have sent a truck load of brownies too. 

For a little over two months I will not see ear buds…the cords of which, being snaked through student’s clothing like they are a FBI agent on an undercover assignment in a foreign European country. 
I have begun to think that ear buds are a part of an additional set of chromosomes – something that is built into their DNA – to somehow magically appear on their bodies when puberty hits.   
Gone too are the iPhones…yes, believe it or not they can afford an iPhone…but they can’t afford to pay their library fines…go figure. 

There is something else missing from campus, the teachers. 
Now, in most cases, I will miss my credentialed friends. 
But well….with some…their absence is more welcome than when an ADHD 3rd grader is at home with the flu.

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One Comment on “Quiet”

  1. alwaysjan Says:

    I stopped by my school last week to meet with the principal. The office staff was still up and running and the custodians were hard at work. The silence in the halls was bliss! I could actually hear myself breathe. Maybe that’s because I’ve been holding my breath since last September! 🙂

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