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June 23, 2010

School is out and the students are gone.   

Gone are their cell phones and  every electronic device known to man and alien.  Gone are the eye rolls, the teenage angst, the sighs of disgust when I make them follow school policy….oh, the teachers do that too.  LOL

All the lost & not found iPods, cell phones, “you name it” devices are gone. 
These lost/abandoned little bits of technology were donated to our servicemen and women this past week.  I know they will appreciate them, I just wish I could have sent a truck load of brownies too. 

For a little over two months I will not see ear buds…the cords of which, being snaked through student’s clothing like they are a FBI agent on an undercover assignment in a foreign European country. 
I have begun to think that ear buds are a part of an additional set of chromosomes – something that is built into their DNA – to somehow magically appear on their bodies when puberty hits.   
Gone too are the iPhones…yes, believe it or not they can afford an iPhone…but they can’t afford to pay their library fines…go figure. 

There is something else missing from campus, the teachers. 
Now, in most cases, I will miss my credentialed friends. 
But well….with some…their absence is more welcome than when an ADHD 3rd grader is at home with the flu.

Class of 2010

June 18, 2010

I am standing and watching the latest batch of seniors walk out of the gym to head to the stadium for graduation ceremonies.  Some of them are neat little ducks all in a row, following the teacher to the field.  Some squeal and yell as they wait for their turn to begin this long walk.  Some turn, with tears in their eyes as  they wave goodbye to those of us staying behind. 
I know that some of them are not ready to take this step – but it is time to push them out of the nest – to see if they can fly.

I can’t find a thing to wear!

June 9, 2010

I like to see what search item terms people use to find me and my blog. 
One I saw today that intrigued me was: 
“What does a library technician wear?”

Definitely sensible shoes – New Balance to be exact, for all the running around
Full body armour to deflect defiant retorts from students

No denim jumpers and whimsical turtlenecks for me.

Keep Our Libraries Open!

June 8, 2010

Libraries are in danger in the state of California.  Some elementary schools have closed their libraries all together.     

A nearby elementary school district is losing 4 librarians to retirement at the end of the school year. 
When school resumes in the fall, school age children in this district will only be able to go to their libraries once a month…the remaining librarians will be spread between the ten schools in the district. 
We library technicians and librarians in California need your help! 

The organization called CALIB is trying to get columnist Yvette Cabrera, writer for the Orange County Register to write another article on libraries.  Members of CALIB want her to see that libraries are still a “Hot Topic.”  (Not to be confused with the scary Goth store in the local mall.) 

Please click on any/all of the 3 following links. 
By clicking on these links, we can show the columnist that this topic is still timely and important to us…especially our children. 

Here are the articles:

If you can click on these links and read the articles over the next few days that would help us! 
Thank you!