Book Fair – Held Hostage Day 35

The hostage release required careful planning…..

Correction, I required two Honors students, one ELD student and two Special Ed students with me giving directions….okay, sometimes repeating the directions several times. 

We unloaded the six book fair display cases onto library tables.  I closed off the library to protect the book company’s merchandise.  Unloaded, the display cases are extremely light, but bulky…think oversized tissue box for a giant. 

The next hurdle was finding 6 beefy students who would willingly carry the cases downstairs.  When an American History class walked in the front doors to use the computers, I watched as members of the track, baseball and wrestling teams walk past my desk.  I admit, I had a gleam in my eye.  Their teacher was more than happy to volunteer her students to assist.  Don’t you love collaboration? 

The boys jumped to attention, “Yes ma’am, Mrs. Hot, what can we help you with?” 
Gosh, I love polite students….it just makes me beam. 

I explained to the ‘muscle team’ what I needed them to do.  I told them the cases were bulky, that they would need three guys on each side.  When they lifted the first one, the boys rolled their eyes at me.  “Mrs. Hot, these aren’t heavy!”  Then, it became a competition between two teams….”this isn’t a race, fellas!” 

In less than five minutes the cases were free from the flight of stairs that had been holding them hostage for so long.   
You’re free! 

Getting the books back into the cases was more involved than getting the cases downstairs, but several hours later the cases were refilled…granted, not perfectly, (there’s a story I can’t tell you) but they were refilled.

Two homework club students and I waved goodbye as the Book Fair truck driver pulled the cases through the library lobby and out the front doors.  Yea! 


Now we’ve got 6 months to get the elevator fixed before the next book fair…

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