Clustr Maps – A visit from the United Arab Emirates

Have I mentioned how much I love the Clustr Maps feature on my blog?  It shows me where my readers are located.
I like to know who is dropping by the Circulation Desk.

Today I received a visit from the United Arab Emirates.
A student named Benjamin asked me a question.
I must tell you that his question was easy to answer.
In my years of being a HotLibraryTech I have had some questions that were real “doozies”!
The questions would “curl your hair!”

Here is Benjamin’s question and my answer to him.  I tried to email Benjamin directly, but the address he gave me is incorrect, or maybe I need my computer to translate.  : )

Hi, I’m a student from Garhoud (United Arab Emirates)
I have to write an article about time someone spends on the Internet.
I asked people about how much time they spend on the Internet.
They told me something about their visits duration of websites.
There are websites which are a guilty pleasure for many.
But there are blogs which only have a visits duration of 40 seconds.
I would like to know how much time do you spend on internet (day/week/month).
Thanks for your help!


Dear Benjamin:
I am a librarian at a high school in the United States of America.
I am on the Internet all day long.  Sometimes I am helping students to do research projects, sometimes I am helping them look for books.  At my high school, we use computer software to stay organized with student attendance and when students leave our school – two examples.
So, to answer your question, on average, I would say that I am on the Internet 6 hours a day at work.  We are not allowed to be on the Internet for “fun” while we are at work….we are supposed to be working of course!

I am also a parent and a mother so I don’t have much time for the Internet at home.  You might be surprised to learn that American mothers are very busy with their families and especially their children.  We do not have time to sit idly and play in Cyberspace.  So to answer that part of your questions I am, at most, maybe a half an hour (30 minutes) a day on the computer at home.

Many people keep in contact with each other by emailing.  I have one friend who receives many personal and business emails everyday.  With being so busy at work and at home the people I know, have very little time for the Internet, let alone those “websites that are a guilty pleasure for many.”

Blogging is a very fun hobby, but it can also very addictive.
I hope that people visit my blog for more than 40 seconds!
People enjoy blogging because they enjoy writing and sharing ideas and their knowledge with other people.  Many adults who did not enjoy their English classes in high school and college find now, that in later adulthood, they love to write.  There are also people who have had life experiences that they want to share with other people, they want to give advice to help other people, no matter where in the world they are.

Good luck in your studies and thanks for commenting.  I hope you have a library and a librarian to assist you with your research papers.

Mrs. Hotlibrarytech

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One Comment on “Clustr Maps – A visit from the United Arab Emirates”

  1. pradeeban Says:

    It was nice to read your blog. I agree with your comment on ClustrMaps. It’s really a cool service.

    By the way, for your record, I am from Sri Lanka. Hopefully the first visitor from my country to your blog.

    Kathiravelu Pradeeban.


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