Ruined: A Novel

Before spring break I was checking out several novels to a student. 
The student asked me if I had read one of the books she was borrowing….”Mrs. Hot have you read Ruined?  It looks good, but I don’t know, she said.” 
I said, “I think the cover looks very interesting…that’s what grabs my attention first….sometimes it is the title. I have wanted to read it, but it’s always checked out when I look for it.  When you finish, bring it back to me personally and I’ll be able to check it out myself.” 
“What if I don’t like it, can I bring it right back?” she asked. 
“Yes, of course you can, but I once heard a ‘rule of thumb’ on reading books you are not sure of…read at least 50 pages…give it a chance, before you decide that you don’t like it.  Just because it says it is a ghost story doesn’t mean that it will be scary.” 

She said she would and the day continued.  In the late afternoon though, I found the novel in the book drop.  Well, they don’t always listen to what I tell them something….big surprise.   I promptly checked it out to myself to read during break. 

I really enjoyed Ruined.  On the Mrs. Hot scale, I give it “3 flames.”  (Mrs. Hot…get it?)
I started reading it one afternoon and finished about 2 am.  My family knew by the look on my face that they were responsible for dinner.  I put the book down long enough to finish my Double Double that Hubby so graciously brought me.

In Ruined, Rebecca Brown is a high school student sent to New Orleans to stay with a family friend while Rebecca’s father goes to China on a business trip.  It is culture shock for Rebecca to go from a New York City high school to an all girls school in post Katrina, New Orleans.
All is not what it seems as Rebecca begins to find out.

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