A few weeks ago one of my volunteer helpers afterschool found an empty book cover hidden in the library collection. 
The book portion had been ripped out and stolen, leaving behind the cover. 
I stood at the circulation desk, dumbfounded…seriously? 

The books are free….just give us your school ID that proves you are a student on our campus and you can check out books.  All we ask is that you return them on the due date…okay, we also ask that you don’t take them on vacation, that you don’t read them in the bathtub and that you never use them for an umbrella. 

We had no other recourse but to throw away the empty cover.  The next week, another book in the same series was found in the same condition.  I promptly posted it on a side bulletin board.  I hope the “individual” sees it – I hope it embarrasses them – I hope their conscience troubles them for a long time…assuming of course that they have a conscience.

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