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Sometimes they surprise you…

April 22, 2010

Today I had the shock of my life. 
After school was out, just about quitting time – the phone rang. 
“Library – Mrs. Hot speaking…”
Student – “Mrs. Hot?  I am out sick and I have library books due and I won’t be back before I start getting fine charges and I was wondering if I could renew them over the phone…?” 
Mrs. Hot – “OMG! I think I am going to have to sit down! 
Wow, you are so responsible! 
In seven years, I have never had anyone call to renew their books over the phone…” 

Sometimes they surprise you….sometimes they disappoint you. 
This afternoon, a student took out his cell phone, during class time and started texting….in front of me.
The student decided to take the defiant route when I requested his cell phone….he had an escort to the principal’s office…and I hope…at least, a 60 minute detention. 

He probably won’t serve it…no surprise there.

George – Your books are late…

April 18, 2010

My students, that for some reason lack the specific chromosome for returning their library books are in good company.  Check out the link.

Embrace the Serendipity of Learning

April 15, 2010

Wasn’t it nice of CSLA to chose the word Serendipity for their 2009 convention this past fall in SO CA? 
I thought so too. 
It was the perfect excuse to use this photo that I found that I just love.

Serendipity certainly was the reason that I have the job that I do…
Now if we all can just live through the torment that is STAR testing.

Finishing Touches

April 14, 2010

As you saw the previous April Bulletin board looked a little plain. 

So I broke out the plastic lettering that we are very lucky to have.  We have searched the internet, Amazon and Ebay and we cannot find anything to replace our missing letters.  If you are lucky enough to have push-pin lettering for bulletin boards hang on to them.  If you ever think of selling them – Email me!

After I added the letters, I attached the daisies that I cut out on the Cricut Expressions. 
I added the centers so that some of them were three dimensional. 

Hope you enjoyed the displays this month.

Be on the lookout for the Eclipse Board and the Eclipse Quiz in May.

Ruined: A Novel

April 12, 2010

Before spring break I was checking out several novels to a student. 
The student asked me if I had read one of the books she was borrowing….”Mrs. Hot have you read Ruined?  It looks good, but I don’t know, she said.” 
I said, “I think the cover looks very interesting…that’s what grabs my attention first….sometimes it is the title. I have wanted to read it, but it’s always checked out when I look for it.  When you finish, bring it back to me personally and I’ll be able to check it out myself.” 
“What if I don’t like it, can I bring it right back?” she asked. 
“Yes, of course you can, but I once heard a ‘rule of thumb’ on reading books you are not sure of…read at least 50 pages…give it a chance, before you decide that you don’t like it.  Just because it says it is a ghost story doesn’t mean that it will be scary.” 

She said she would and the day continued.  In the late afternoon though, I found the novel in the book drop.  Well, they don’t always listen to what I tell them something….big surprise.   I promptly checked it out to myself to read during break. 

I really enjoyed Ruined.  On the Mrs. Hot scale, I give it “3 flames.”  (Mrs. Hot…get it?)
I started reading it one afternoon and finished about 2 am.  My family knew by the look on my face that they were responsible for dinner.  I put the book down long enough to finish my Double Double that Hubby so graciously brought me.

In Ruined, Rebecca Brown is a high school student sent to New Orleans to stay with a family friend while Rebecca’s father goes to China on a business trip.  It is culture shock for Rebecca to go from a New York City high school to an all girls school in post Katrina, New Orleans.
All is not what it seems as Rebecca begins to find out.

April Bulletin Boards # 2 – Fairytales Revisited

April 11, 2010

Some of my students love the genre of fairytales revisited. 
I decided that it would make a great bulletin board for April and one that would not require much creativity on part – as I said in a previous post, my creativity starts to wane this time of the year. 
I made a quick list of titles in the genre and did my research on Google at home in the evening. 

As you can see I made color copies and added them around a poster that we have had – forever. 
I love this quote by C. S. Lewis. 

The wired iridescent ribbon was found at Michael’s in the clearance bin.  I reminded me of the binding on a child’s blanket.  Don’t think that I toiled for hours to arrange the ribbon….I took it that way right off the roll, and attached it to the board.  The bow is simply tacked at the corner…it does look like one of those bows that you pay a designer $20.00 bucks for, but it’s not.


April Bulletin Boards #1

April 9, 2010

Usually by this time of year I am OUT of ideas…my creativity is kaput.
This year, between the lay off worries, budget crisis and other things too numberous to name…I am fresh out of original ideas…

One April, a few years ago I required a little help….actually, I needed something for two uncooperative, unpleasant, (never was I so thankful for graduation to come) student helpers to do.  (They ended the school year with C’s and Unsatisfactory scores, in case you were wondering.)

I grabbed Seventeen, Teen Vogue, People and a few other magazines and gave the girls instructions.  “Give me a paper collage or montage of images of love, romance, angst, teenage worries, teen issues…”  This assignment kept them busy during the near month-long agony that is – STAR testing….and thankfully after that we’re in the home stretch.

When they finished, I rolled it up and filed it away.  I took it out of mothballs last week.  I must have been incredibly busy with textbooks at the time they completed the project, because I did not look at their ‘creation.’
Before I could put this up as a bulletin board display…I had to “clean it up a bit.”
Here’s the edited version…

What do you think?  Personally, I think I still need to cover up the “Jungle Love.”
I don’t feel like discovering anyone engaged in foreplay in the Fiction section this year.

This one covered it up quite well.

– Have your student (s) cut out appropriate photos (you get final editoral approval) from old magazines
– Attach the photos to poster board or construction paper with glue sticks
– Cover bulletin board with a bright eye catching colored background.
Attach your photo montage to the bulletin  board
– Arrange related books on the display bookcase below the bulletin board.
– You might even use your Cricut or whatever lettering  style you use to make various titles for the display.