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Am I making myself clear?

January 27, 2010

Some conversations with students truly cannot be made up…this happened yesterday and still has me shaking my head. 

A student walks up to the desk and I ask him how I can help him. 
Seriously…this was the dialog. 

Student:  I keep getting phone calls telling me that I owe a library fine. 
Mrs. Hot:  What is your student ID number? 

The student gives me his number and I imput it into the system. 

Mrs. Hot:  Yes, you owe a book that has not been returned since October 2009. 
Student:  Yeah, I lost that book…umm…it was stolen…so I shouldn’t have to pay for it. 
Mrs. Hot:  No, the book was your responsiblity, you will have  to pay for the lost book. 
Student:  The other librarian said that I should just wait and see if someone returns it. 
Mrs. Hot:  Really?  That doesn’t sound like something she would say.  The book has been missing since October…it’s not coming back. 

The student continues to refer to “the other lady” who apparently isn’t as tough as me, who says it’s okay to “just wait and see.”  (Where is this woman?  I am dying to meet her.) 
Student:  How do I make the phone calls stop?  (I look around for Candid Camera.)
Mrs. Hot:  (Holding back laughter) You. Need. To. Pay. For. The. Lost. Book. 

The student finally has a “light bulb lab” moment and says “Oh, okay.”  He walks out without signing out from the library….don’t even get me started on that.