Display Case Envy

For the last few years, I have been bemoaning the fact that a fellow Hotlibrarytech has an awesome display case in his library and I don’t.  It is a lovely glass curio cabinet.  I confess, I have been guilty of coveting my neighbor’s display case. 

The curio cabinet was stored in his library, but apparently never used.  When he started at his new school, there the cabinet sat, dusty and unused.  But being the “HLT” that he is, he saw its potential.  These photos are from Halloween when he fills it with leaves, spiders, webs, scary books and even has a raven statue to sit on top.  The raven wears a sign that says, “Nevermore.”   Is he clever or what? 

Recently I stood in the lobby of my library eyeing the three empty glass display cases that are mounted to the wall. 
Basically I gave my self a good talking to….Okay, so the cases don’t have lighting in them…fake votive candles can fix that…so it isn’t free-standing in the middle of my library…I can always use that space for another specialized bookcase/display….the gears in my brain started turning and I got busy. 

Flash back – A few years ago, I had a display in the cases for Read Across America Week to honor Dr. Seuss’ birthday.   I added the library’s collection of Dr. Seuss’ books along with a stuffed Cat In The Hat and a Read Across America hat. My boss and I added our own Read posters featuring our children, reading. 
The display was up for…a while…actually a very long while….”How long have you been seventeen?” 
If there were Bulletin Board police, I would have been cited. 

But, you see I had lost my “Creativity Muse”. 
The next school year, for nearly ten months, the cases housed the Honors Spanish class project of “Day of The Dead” displays.  At the end of the year the cases were emptied and I vacuumned out the crumbs from the shoebox altars. 
The cases sat empty, covered with dust and fingerprints until one weekend during the summer I had an epiphany. 
Actually, I cleaned out my son’s room, and took his Dr. Seuss’ collection of books.  We had well over 35 titles and from what I understand, there are a total of 75 available from the good doctor.

I added my son’s books along with 3-D artifacts…the yellow Seuss border was stapled to the shelf edge. 

The 3-D items that I added to the case, I either had, or purchased them at Michael’s, JoAnne’s or the 99 cent store.  There are stuffed animals…the small Cat in the Hat was actually a cat toy.  Seriously, whatever you do, don’t tell my cat.  I hot glued 10 artificial apples together for Ten Apples Up On Top.  There is a large foam “A” for the ABC book and I managed to find a T-Rex for the Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Hunt

Do you see the Green Eggs & Ham game in the lower right hand corner?  That belonged to my son. 
Don’t be envious.  Playing that game was like watching The Neverending Story – there is no conclusion. 

The center section is covered with black paper and edged with a new READ border found at Michael’s.  For the lettering, I used the Cricut Expressions machine and cut 4 – 7 inch letters out of white cardstock….(the same ream we used to made Turkey hands.)  Bragging – the photos are my boss’s children, my nephews and my son. 
I especially love the photo of my son, he is reading to his baby cousin on the kitchen floor of Great Grandma’s house. 

Next, I added my collection of fall/Halloween picture books at the bottom of the display.  Some are brand new; some  have been in our family for years.  If you have young children, you must pick up It’s Fall by Linda Glaser and illustrated by Susan Swan.  Don’t miss Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelley.  Also pictured is Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex, a parody on the famous book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. 

During October, I added plastic jack-o-lanterns, two little LCD ghosts from Pic N’ Save, and lots of silk fall leaves.  The leaves were $1.99 at Michael’s for a 50 count package.  I absolutely love it when students stop and point out the books that they read as young children.

 Now it is November:  I have had these two mini Beany baby squirrels for years and never knew what to do with them. 


                                                                                                                                                           One of them cozies up quite nicely with The Kitchen Window Squirrel by Harold S. Longman, illustrated by Nola Langer.  (Glad I didn’t send that book to Rosie O’Donnell when she used to complain about squirrels on her talk show.)   Thanksgiving books join the fall picture books.   If you haven’t read Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende &
Harry Devlin to your children, borrow a copy from your local library. 

The basket holds the rest of the artificial apples not used for Ten Apples Up On Top.  Pinecones are an easy decorating accent….actually all I have to do is walk around my campus and find dozens…of course, I could also find live squirrels, but I doubt they would be very cooperative or sit nicely in the display case!



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3 Comments on “Display Case Envy”

  1. You are very creative! These displays cases could be a dangerous thing for me. I’d start saving all sorts of stuff, but when I needed them I’d never find them.

  2. alwaysjan Says:

    Oooh. I do love the raven and all the creepy crawly stuff under glass. I have an excellent biography for children on Dr. Seuss called The Boy on Fairmont Street that I read to my students on his birthday. The only way I can remember my husband’s birthday is that’s it the same as the doctor’s!

  3. Tommy Says:

    I love the “Indulge Your Inner Child” slogan! That’s a perfect way to highlight picture books, especially the classic ones that are really “all ages.” Don’t forget to mark your calendar for “Squirrel Day” on January 21st!
    P.S.- Thanks for the kind praise. 🙂

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