Snowflakes behind the Orange Curtain

Years ago when I was first starting out, I couldn’t think of what to do for high school holiday bulletin boards.  With elementary boards you can have such cute themes…but the high schoolers don’t always appreciate cute little animals dressed in snow gear. 
My students and I put up a Christmas tree that was donated by a previous tech.  When she left the job, she didn’t want to take the tree with her.  I dutifully put it up every year, but between you, me and everyone in Cyberspace….it’s a pain in the to assemble. 

So – what to put up for December? 
I started with a background of black paper and added a cute Mary Englebreit poster that we had bought.  In case you cannot read it, the quotation is:  “A Book is a present you can open again and again.”
Then I was stuck for the rest.  I looked over to my desk where the Christmas cards I had received from faculty and student clubs were displayed. 
Students love to be included on bulletin boards.  I added Christmas cards from the cheerleaders, the boy’s basketball team, ASB, the Special Ed department gathered around the afore mentioned tree.

The motif on a few of the cards was that of snowflakes….a fairly safe decoration for a high school that resembles the UN during the Peace talks. 
Do you remember cutting out snowflakes from white paper in grade school?  I do.  The teachers would hang them from the ceiling and add them to the bulletin boards….little did I know at the time…3rd graders were free labor. 

Go to Google and type in:  “mini snowflakes” – click on this link: 

You will find hundreds of different snowflakes for your students to cut out. 
The library assistant who helped with this project this year was disappointed when she was finished.  She really had fun discovering what each snowflake would look like like when she was done cutting them out.
I attach the flakes to the board with just one staple so that it sways a bit when someone walks by. 
Makes it look a bit like it’s snowing.   
(My reader in Denver has just uttered the phrase…”HA! you don’t know what snow is!”) 
I just realized that this example looks a little skimpy on the snowflakes…my apologies. 
More photos of the snowflakes next week.

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One Comment on “Snowflakes behind the Orange Curtain”

  1. alwaysjan Says:

    Third graders ARE free labor. My first few years of teaching, I insisted on doing everything myself so it would be perfect. I finally got tired to doing it all, and started letting my students take a more active role. Okay, the results weren’t always up to MY standards, but who noticed? We did apple bobbing last Friday. Due to all of the germs going round, we hung the apples on thread from a string. I shouldn’t say “we.” Two girls tied thread on 24 apples and then supervised the party. They do a great impression of me too!

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