You’re Never to old for Turkey hands!

image 8

Do remember when you were in school and it came time for November’s craft?  I do. 
We made turkey hands.  The teacher helped cover those little hands in brown tempera paint and we pressed our hand to a white paper plate.  After it dried we added the face and feathers.  Some kid’s turkeys were more elaborate than others; some of us were crafty, even back then. 

One year, I decided that my student assistants were NOT too old to make turkey hands.  Surprisingly enough they did not do the “teenager eye roll” thing at me. 

I went to Michael’s and got fall shades of Delta Ceramcoat paint and white card stock that I had since my greeting card making days.  The students mixed up paint on a paper plate and dipped their hands in it.   Then they made their “print” on a piece of white cardstock.    After they were dry, they traced around the finger “feathers” with a bright color marker and wrote their top five favorite books along each feather/finger.  It was fun to see which books were my student’s favorites.  I used the Creative Memories large oval template cutting system to cut off the excess white cardstock.  The boys prints didn’t have much to trim! 

The bulletin board was covered with brown paper and accents of yellows and oranges. 

image 2

I discovered a cute fall border in one of the storage drawers for the edge of the bulletin board. 
Pilgrim mice…does it get any cuter? 

image 3

Typed a quick font title on my computer. 

image 1

I put the cardboard cut out turkey in the center of the board. 
The turkey was purchased at Hallmark in 1983….really, I’m not kidding, maybe you can see it here for yourself….

image 4

I placed the title above the turkey cut out…my student’s turkey hands went around the the cut out.
My students were very proud of their turkey hands.  They would bring their friends into to the library and point out their hand print.  Of course, they were secretive about it….didn’t want Mrs. Hot to know they really loved the project. 
image 6

 This student  is serving in Iraq.

image 7

This one is in nursing school. 
image 5

This one is going to graduate from CSUF soon – she wants to be a teacher.

I enjoy looking at the hands every year. 
Sometimes my little turkeys even come back to the nest to visit. 
Makes me proud to see how far they’ve come. 
Happy Thanksgiving.

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