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I have had an idea for a bulletin board for sometime now, that never seems to get anywhere.  I tried encouraging my fellow staff members to send me photos of themselves reading to their children, their children reading, even their pets reading…. 

I have only ever received two pics and those were lost when IS “cleaned” our email during the summer and deleted ANY and ALL images that we had stored in email. 
Never doing that again. 

So, the featured bulletin board idea here has photos from the internet of people/pets reading.  Google images for people reading and see what you come up with. 
Not that many were usable photos.  I liked the one of Mia Farrow reading to her children, but how many students are going to have a clue who she is?  
Just between you and me, my boss didn’t know that the pic in the lower left hand corner was Ray Charles reading Braille.  I had a hearty Hotlibrarytech laugh over that. 

image 4

The letters are Cricut.  I forget which font, in 4 inch size.  
A pretty simple board to put together. 
One that is certainly on a budget.

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