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October 29, 2009

image 5

I have had an idea for a bulletin board for sometime now, that never seems to get anywhere.  I tried encouraging my fellow staff members to send me photos of themselves reading to their children, their children reading, even their pets reading…. 

I have only ever received two pics and those were lost when IS “cleaned” our email during the summer and deleted ANY and ALL images that we had stored in email. 
Never doing that again. 

So, the featured bulletin board idea here has photos from the internet of people/pets reading.  Google images for people reading and see what you come up with. 
Not that many were usable photos.  I liked the one of Mia Farrow reading to her children, but how many students are going to have a clue who she is?  
Just between you and me, my boss didn’t know that the pic in the lower left hand corner was Ray Charles reading Braille.  I had a hearty Hotlibrarytech laugh over that. 

image 4

The letters are Cricut.  I forget which font, in 4 inch size.  
A pretty simple board to put together. 
One that is certainly on a budget.

City of Bones series

October 28, 2009


I highly reccomend the City of Bones series.
It’s got it all – Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels…equal opportunities for all spiritual and or supernatural beings…Only One has been left out…
Can’t forget the Fairies…and several sub classes of those too, I believe. 
Fair warning…Fairies aren’t always cute with dimpled cheeks like Tink. 

In a dialog I heard with the author, when asked about the ending of the third book, she ‘fessed up that she’d written it that way for possibly a 4th book.

Fantastic Fall Displays

October 11, 2009

wayne-houser-clarinet-in-the-parkPhoto by Wayne Houser – “Clarinet in the Park”

For a fast, fabulous, fall bulletin board…start with a black background….fabric, construction paper or cardstock.

Do you have a favorite photo with fall colors…a scenery poster? 
I found the poster above at
I love fall, I miss living where  leaves change colors, where the air has the crisp scent of fall. 
Here behind the Orange Curtain, if there is a crisp smell in the air, it is more than likely a fire burning somewhere in So Cal. 

Once I have the board covered with the black background, I will pick the main focal point.  Then, I add those leaves that I miss so badly. 
I purchase or make colorful leaves. 
If your school has the Ellison Die cut machine, you are sure to have two dies of leaves, one oak and one maple.  I have taken a field trip to the junior high where it is stored and have happily cut out leaves in fall colors to my heart’s content. 
Check out the Ellison web site.  I found that they had die cuts on clearance.  Maybe it’s more than the ‘budget theme’ that I shoot for, but $20.00 for a die cut that you and other teachers will get a lot of use out of, is a good thing.   You can visit them at



Lately I have been a bit more creative with the leaves.  At Michael’s crafts you can find a bag of silk fall leaves for around $1.99. 
These seem to add more interest and dimension to the display and can be seen here with Mary Englebreit posters. 


Last December when I was shopping for Christmas treats for my student helpers, I came across three bunches of preserved fall leaves at my local grocery store.  Three bunches for $.99 cents.  Now that’s a bargain to a scrapbooker and a library tech. 
If you are fortunate enough to live where the leaves change, you can check out this web site for instructions on drying leaves yourself.


By separating the leaf bunch into
sections, I was able to cover the metal edge of
the board and draw attention to the colorful book book jackets that I featured for this month.  image 2
By loosely attaching the leaves,
it looks like they are falling in an October breeze. 



Can I talk anymore about how much I LOVE the Cricut Expressions machine?  If you are lucky enough to have this machine, or know someone who you can enlist to be your new best friend…so you can borrow it from time to time…you can quickly cut out the saying for the bulletin board in no time at all. 

image 3


image 1


In about an hour, I had this bright, eye catching display ready for my students. 
Hope that you too are able to fall into one of the many new YA novels that are being released this fall.  Happy Reading!