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Furniture movers

August 29, 2009


Every year at the end of school I clean up the library. 
I take all my personal items and files home…you never know when your office will be used for some meeting. 
I get my student helpers to dust, sweep under the stacks and vacuum. 
You’d be surprised what they find….maybe you wouldn’t.

I remember my first year when I found this ‘object’ tucked behind a shelf in the 800’s of the Non Fiction section. 
I couldn’t tell what it was.  That was the year that I had three 14 year old girls on a summer work program…none of whom could alphabetize. 
We eventually decided that it was a dried up apple.  There was a high pitched chorus of “Gross!” 
(I wonder what they would have done the following year when I found a used condom?)

Every year I make sure that everything is put away and neat when I leave for vacation, and every year when I come back, nothing is where I left it.  The custodians come in and clean, and while I am grateful that they clean the carpeting and polish the floors, I would appreciate not having to search for my desk chair. 

This year I tried for a good attitude.  I really did. 
I was chanting the positive mantra….”Everything will be where I left it…”
I walked in and nothing was where I had left it. 
I found my desk chair in my boss’s office.  Her office chair had been carried upstairs….go figure. 
I finally found the plastic mat to go under my chair….unfortunately it had more cracks in the plastic. 
I priced these at Staples today.  Between $36 – $54.  Guess I’ll be living with the cracked plastic.

It it would have taken me 3 days, moving the furniture back by myself…fortunately, I called in some “Mom guilt” and got my sons to help. 
Boys, it’s amazing how much work they will do for brownies.