Run that by me again?

One of my favorite stories happened one day at the circulation counter. 
A teenage girl walked in and came over to me. 

HLT:  “May I help you?” 

TG:  “I’m looking for a book.” 

HLT:  “Well, you’ve come to the right place.  What book genre are you looking for?”

TG:  “I don’t know what it’s called.” 

HLT:  “What class is it for?”

TG:  “I don’t remember.” 

HLT:  “Is it a library book or a textbook?” 

TG:  “I don’t know.” 

HLT:  “Is it for the teacher who sent you to the library right now?” 
(Maybe I could get a clue by looking at the hall pass.  Surprise!  She actually had one.) 

TG:  “No. I need a book.”

HLT:  (Yes, I think we’ve established the fact that you need a book.) 

HLT:  “For a reading assignment?” 

TG:  “I don’t know.” 

HLT:  (I am beginning to think that someone put her up to this little game.  Am I on Candid Camera?  I look around for the camera.)

HLT:  “Heavy sigh.  I am signing your hall pass and sending you back to class.  When you remember the name of the book that you need, c’mon back and I will be able to help you.” 

TG:  “Okay.” 

I never saw her again.  As far as I know she walked in off the street, but she did have a hall pass….better than most of the students.

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