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Among the Stacks

June 24, 2009



Ranting here because there isn’t anywhere else…

I find it very discouraging when I find the security strips that we use to protect our library collection from theft, peeled out of books and lying on the floor, shelves and other hiding places. 
Every time I find one, it represents a $20 – $25 hard cover book – stolen. 

See, I can’t manage to have the attitude….” it’s in the hands of a student who really wanted to read it”….
If they wanted ot read it they should have checked it out like everyone else on campus! 

Some selfish individual, lacking a conscience and quite frankly any morals, decided to steal a book rather than check it out. 
I have worked hard not to care that books are stolen but the standards by which I was raised really SMACKS up against the moral decay and severe lack of discipline and consequences that IS the public school system. 

Seriously – If they will steal a book, what else would they steal?  The HotLibraryTech is much more frustrated than hot today.


Run that by me again?

June 11, 2009

One of my favorite stories happened one day at the circulation counter. 
A teenage girl walked in and came over to me. 

HLT:  “May I help you?” 

TG:  “I’m looking for a book.” 

HLT:  “Well, you’ve come to the right place.  What book genre are you looking for?”

TG:  “I don’t know what it’s called.” 

HLT:  “What class is it for?”

TG:  “I don’t remember.” 

HLT:  “Is it a library book or a textbook?” 

TG:  “I don’t know.” 

HLT:  “Is it for the teacher who sent you to the library right now?” 
(Maybe I could get a clue by looking at the hall pass.  Surprise!  She actually had one.) 

TG:  “No. I need a book.”

HLT:  (Yes, I think we’ve established the fact that you need a book.) 

HLT:  “For a reading assignment?” 

TG:  “I don’t know.” 

HLT:  (I am beginning to think that someone put her up to this little game.  Am I on Candid Camera?  I look around for the camera.)

HLT:  “Heavy sigh.  I am signing your hall pass and sending you back to class.  When you remember the name of the book that you need, c’mon back and I will be able to help you.” 

TG:  “Okay.” 

I never saw her again.  As far as I know she walked in off the street, but she did have a hall pass….better than most of the students.

So that’s where he’s been!

June 10, 2009



I started a long over due inventory of the non-fiction section last month. 
Since I spend most of my time sitting around reading and eating bon bons, I have only just started on the 300’s. 

Today as I finished one shelf in the 340’s, I put the book back only to hear the inventory module “ding.”  That noise signals that either the book does not exist in the system, or that it has been missing since the last time inventory was done.  It has been a LONG time since we’ve done inventory. 

When I saw the book and then the on screen message, I started laughing. 
My students looked at me with curiosity.  “What’s so funny Mrs. Hot?” they asked.  I knew that when I explained it, they still wouldn’t get the joke but I told them anyway.  “Tell your parents when you get home,” I said.  (Shoot – Their parents aren’t probably even old enough to get it.)

The book was called “The Rise And Fall of Jimmy Hoffa.” 
The online message was…”This book has been missing since 2002!”

Hello World

June 8, 2009

Ever since Mr. WordPress welcomed me to the world of blogging today…I have been singing that old Partridge Family song….
“Hello world there’s song that we’re singing….c’mon get happy.
Hope it goes away soon.